Wednesday, December 30, 2009

chile con queso

I missed my electronic contraptions last night.  Comcast was down in my house so no TV nor internet but at least we had electric, unlike most homes in the neighborhood.  Mike could not even get his car out of the garage (electric) so I drove mine to his house and the whole area was really dark, only illuminated by a little moonlight.  Very eery.  I listened to the radio and still don't know what transpired to cause the outage.  He was so happy I gave him a bunch of tealight candles for St. Nick's so he was not totally in the dark.  I kept the fireplace on at our home and meditated by my lonesome.  Wayne met his Snapps band buddies for a jam session and Dan worked and Steve was napping.  Once he awoke up around 8:30 we resumed our Office marathon.  Part of our Christmas gift was updating our DVD collection and this was one of them.  I like to watch uplifting stuff prior to the New Year to keep the feel good going.  Wayne and I will see It's Complicated on New Years Eve at Dan's place so he won't be alone again.  He worked all Christmas Eve, all Day and the next, so if Mohammed can't come to the mountain, the mountain will come to him.  They are extremely busy at Gold Class this week - one night 600 people were served.  Hope he gets good tips.  Start the new year off right. 

It has been one of those grueling days of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, put decorations away, give two massages to clients, register the boys for college, pay the bills, bring dogs to vet for ear check and nails trimmed and finally relax by clicking (hence my blog.) I keep forgetting I am a domestic goddess now so there is nothing I cannot accomplish.  I am amazed that I did all this stuff and ran a business all those years. At least I don't shovel the snow anymore.  Wayne loves his bull snowblower too much. It's nice to take things down a notch.  All three bambi dogs are back and we love watching them frolick behind our home.  The cardinals have not been around but I believe they flew over to my Aunt Diane and Uncle Bill's home for awhile when I told them they missed them in Bourbonnaise. My dogs are traumatized by the doctor's visit.  They'll recover soon enough.  So spoiled.  :)

I read on Laura's recipes that pork and bean dishes are good for prosperity and black eyed peas for luck.  I heard a certain fish is good for the new year - sardines or anchovies - something like that.  I also heard if a tall man with dark hair is the first to walk through the front door on new years day,  that is good luck.  I make sure Wayne goes out the garage and in the front each year.  I do~!   We have been making a feast of filet mignon just to ring in the new year with a simple yet special dish.  Until then, I am making the boys' favorites and today is taco day and Danny's chile con queso.  My neighbor, Gary (from when we lived on Christiana) gave me this recipe and I have passed it on to so many people.  I am sure they add their own little ingredients, but this is the way it works for my Dan and his buddy Rudy.

Chile con Queso

2 lbs. chihuahua cheese
1 lb. pepper jack cheese
2 big cans crushed tomatoes
3 scallions
2 habanero peppers
bunch fresh cilantro

Cut your cheeses into 1 inch cubes,  chop your onions and peppers and cook in a crock pot with the tomatoes.  Chop cilantro and add when serving.  This keeps everything warm and ready to eat and is one of the best dishes for a party or get together.  Dip with nacho chips or use as a topping on tacos, enchiladas or burritos.  Ole!  And Happy New Years Eve~It's a blue moon tonight, Mercury and Mars are retrograde and we will ring in a new decade.  Lots to look forward to.  Life is short, so live it up.  xo