Thursday, December 3, 2009



Here we are with Little Faith
A giant without measure,
It's those who keep a little Faith
Who always find life's treasure.

A little Faith will guide us on
Through darkest hour or night,
While others may not see the dawn
We'll see her morning light.

Who knows, with just a little Faith
And all her angel's charm
We'll make our mother planet safe,
All creatures safe from harm.

From flowers in the fertile fields
To mountains fresh with snow,
Abundance from God's bounty yields
The fruits that make Faith grow.

So you can see with love and grace
And even joy abound,
It's good to keep about the place
A little Faith around.

What words of joy and those of praise
Would angels give a voice?
When speaking of warm summer days,
What words would be their choice?

thanks to N. A. Noel and John Wm. Sisson for your angels xo