Monday, December 28, 2009


These are my nutritional ingredients for a healthier me.  I routinely follow the lemonade master cleanse program derived by Stanley Burroughs almost 50 years ago.  It has helped me stay healthy and keeps me drinking lots of water, which I have disregarded these last few weeks.  My bad.  My laziness extends to my writing letters for words i.e. TFS (thanks for sharing) and LOL (laughing out loud).  How hard is that?  Geez.  If I post LMAO, will it work?  Laughter can decrease the size of my derriere?  I will do the right thing today to refresh myself as well as lift those weights that are collecting dust.  It doesn't take long to fall back into bad habits but I am good about making U-turns, as Dr. Oz recommends.  I like that guy.  He makes sense to me. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat less and exercise more.   My favorite commercial this season is the guy who is trying to connect his video camera to the television and his kid keeps taping his behind, insisting they can't see anything on the screen, all-the-while the family is cracking up at his view, unbeknowest to him.  I giggle when I see this and will miss it once the season is over.  Steve knew how much I liked it and pulled a fast one on me, capturing a pic of a bodacious me.  Thanks, sweet son.  It does offer me the incentive to stop the expansion.  Cheers -  to chugs of water. xo

that's a bodacious butt - yikes!