Saturday, January 2, 2010

blue moon

We have a full 'blue' moon, lunar eclipse to begin our new year.  The expression 'blue moon' means two full moons in the same month. Lunar eclipses have the power of three full moons packed into one and bring up hopes, dreams and memories.  That could be why the news brought upon us at this time can stir us deeply. The job of the lunar eclipse is to bring information and closure. They provide us with the motivation to make a decision and stick to it.  They keep us moving forward.  Eclipses are very extreme and very clear in their messages.  They do whatever is necessary to shake us out of complacency and help see ourselves in a new light.  Lunar and solar events will provide us with new opportunities and experiences through surprise events that will pop up - seemingly out of nowhere.  Enforced changes will advance us to a new place of the mind and heart. 

We will experience a solar eclipse on January 15 which is right for starting on a new path by ending bad habits.  Solar eclipses emphasize your subconscious mind, while lunar eclipses pertain to the conscious mind.  A full moon brings conclusions to issues; i.e. if pertaining to relationships, they show us where we stand in an alliance and nudge us to decide which path to take with it, whether to nurture or leave it.  We may learn something that has been hidden at this time and that may force us to reconsider things from top to bottom.  January will be a transformative month spiritually, emotionally and financially.  Keep in mind that Mercury and Mars are both in reverse motion until January 15.  Be extra sensitive to dear ones on the mend - use words to heal, not harm.

To new beginnings and happy endings! xo

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