Saturday, December 5, 2009

the goddess touch

Once upon a time this goddess had a dream of providing a haven for women to enjoy peace and tranquility. Many of her friends, from all walks of life, were having recurring issues that needed attending to, and she envisioned a home-life environment that could provide solace from abusive husbands, bitter divorces, respite from every-day demands and just having someone listen while they vented about their burdens. She thought of a natural surrounding that could offer massage, soothing music, comforting tea; a place to feel pampered so they could carry on with their life situations in a confident way. She even affirmed what would be included at this place - her dining room table was filled with crystals, tarot cards, candles, music CDs, and one day while frequenting the Renaissance Faire in Bristol with her taekwondo teacher, it was suggested that this goddess should be the massage therapist at her dream place. Ha! After inquiring with her dance friend and thereafter mentor, Frankie, she applied and was accepted at the #2 massage school in the nation - Chicago School of Massage Therapy and within 18 months became a nationally certified massage therapist. This goddess thought the school would show her how to knead and give rub downs but much to her surprise it was loaded with an education she would embrace with enthusiasm. Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, acupressure, business, ethics, history and numerous hours of hands-on massage technique. Her story is a true testament to affirm your dreams and thoughts are things.
She befriended her female soulmate, Helena, at this school and remains close to her for over a dozen years. After graduation on December 10, 1999, the goddess opened The Goddess Touch in Darien on December 11, the very next day. This was a quaint home environment that provided hair treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, chiropractic therapy and of course, massage. Her business acumen for the past 25 years enabled her to run the business and she found owning same was no piece of cake. The Darien Chamber of Commerce approached her to become a board member to help reorganize the city's chamber and since she had the appropriate background, she became actively involved and helped spearhead many projects to promote local businesses. Membership and the Community Expo were her babies and she did quite well with them. It helped this goddess understand how other businesses endured the many challenges of ownership and the camaraderie was outstanding.

One of the many services provided at the spa was goddess night. Three sisters came by asking for mini services for each of them to celebrate one of their 50th birthdays. The girls planned a night they will never forget and the rest is history. Many groups came in and the women had mini massage, facials, mani-pedis and the best part was when they just hung out together in the main area. Women love to bond. It is our healing. The goddesses would bring refreshments and listen to music and share their stories. Of course, there were times when men would partake in goddess nights and they were exposed to facials and manicures and loved them. Having 3 sons and a husband justified the fact that men need to be pampered as well as women so she opened her doors to everyone. The goddess was on a mission to heal the world. And she loved every minute of it. Service to humanity is true spirituality was the motto.

Opening a new business is loaded with challenges and probably more than anyone anticipates. Getting incorporated, hiring an accounting firm, purchasing tons and tons of supplies and making payroll when there were no initial clients is painstaking. Her current accountant came in as a client and he just started his own business 18 months prior to her own inception and not only are they still in touch but he is a dear friend and confidante. Thanks, Steve. Helena would take the train from the city every Tuesday for a full year just to help design, decorate and offer encouragement at its inception. Whatta gal. These friendships are priceless.

And then the goddess has lovingly provided 7,000 massages in last decade through The Goddess Touch and thanks God she was physically able to do so. She is not a spring chicken and pondered the inevitable tendinitis or back sprains that so often afflict massage therapists. But God wanted her to continue and she did so with grace and effervescence to this day, without any problem. One of the best compliments received was from Charlie,whose real name is Don, but he referred to us as his angels, hence his name. "I walk in this door a mere man and leave here feeling as a God." :) Many clients remain friends of the goddess and her heart is full of love for them.

After five years of running a full service spa and salon in Darien the goddess found it necessary to scale down her time and offered massage/reiki and stone therapy in Hinsdale for the last five years servicing clients until July of this year. Currently she provides massage to a few clients in her humble abode. The need to balance family life and a profession is important and family takes precedence .

This journey provided many paths, some with curves along the way, but one thing is certain - the energy between two people can be profound. Without it we are just water, skin and bones. When someone receives a massage, it is the exchange between practitioner and recipient that provides the wonderful healing. There is no better profession than one that makes people feel good. These memories are the moments that take your breath away. This goddess has been blessed and is grateful to all the persons who walked through her doors faithfully and happily. Thank you for the honor and privilege to be part of your lives. If our paths cross in the future, let's share a smile, knowing our connection in this lifetime made a difference. The end. xo