Sunday, December 27, 2009

nothing is constant but change

I am being drawn to the concept of non-conformity lately (as my inner voice tends to do) and sure enough, a perfect movie depicting same was on last night. Revolutionary Road is loaded with mind-provoking thoughts and we wanted to see it again just to analyze it.  Every one of the actors are superb and the chemistry between Kate and Leo is outstanding.  The unhappy ending makes for a more realistic depiction of the real world which makes this movie so believable.  One thing I have been aware of lately, being a Mad Men fan and seeing RR in the same era, is how we are getting lazier in our social graces.  The late 50s, early 60s had their issues, but people were more gracious, more cordial and more english.  They had better manners than we do today.  Perhaps behaviors are similar, but the way people interacted was more pleasant. 

This movie deals with so many issues on so many levels.  I wanted to see who exactly was responsible for the demise of their relationship and at first felt it was Kate, then Leo switched gears on her and turned everything around, making her feel responsible for their unhappiness to boot.  I am in awe of the character with "mental issues" who called each and every one for what they were, yet he is labeled the nut case.  That's how it is done, even now.  When we don't follow the ways of the pack (which can be construed in any scenario, from the office, friends, family) we are criticized and ostracized.  If we choose to beat to a different drum and express ourselves, if people don't understand or agree, same thing happens.  This is where those who rise above conformity (because they are uncomfortable with it) feel the hopeless emptiness when they have to go with the flow. They get stuck in the rut. A great scene is when Leo dreads the morning ritualistic walk to the office with all the other suits and when he embraces the idea that he is free to follow his essence and separate from the pack, he just stands in their midst, watching, knowing he can be what he chooses.  Ah, but then he weakens and regresses into the trap and my favorite lines are when he repeats into the dictaphone, "Knowing what you've got, knowing what you need, knowing what you can do without.  That's inventory control."  Priceless words.  Kate's version is "No one forgets the truth, they just get better at lying." The worst thing we can do is lie to ourselves.  Loaded. This movie will stay with me for a few days just as it did the first time.

As this decade ends, perhaps it is a good time to leave some of our old ways of thinking behind and challenge ourselves to find new ones.  So many of us encountered life changing situations in the form of unemployment, relationship failures, devastating loss; and instead of playing victim, turn it around - make lemonade.  Do what it takes to pursue a way to make a living by doing something you love, more purposeful, more meaningful.  Don't settle for a doldrum existence.  Be with people who make you feel good about yourself.  Be an instrument of inspiration.  Change is good and a constant in our lives.  Follow your heart's desire and see where it leads.  Pray to God for messages of how to be the best you can be.  Our paths are not always straight and sometimes the broken road can lead us to greater things. So what if those around you have more money or bigger homes or nicer cars.  Less is more. Simple abundance.
Be happy with what feels right for you.  Make it so. xo