Sunday, December 6, 2009



Here's the one with such a face
That all of us will seek for Grace,
So full of charm with virtue mild
This gift to us this graceful child.

You always know when Grace takes wing,
The sun will shine, the birds will sing;
And everywhere in every place
The world will seem so full of Grace.

By Grace of God we use our time
To contemplate these things divine;
And when we take our slumber here,
We have no doubt or even fear
That Grace of God will guide us on,
Protect our night from dusk to dawn,
And every morn her wish will be,
We'll rise anew so gracefully.

And when the day is nearly done,
With each success that you have won,
It's then God's angels sing with glee,
We're glad to grant our Grace to thee.

Our wonders of the words they'd use,
What songs would they inspire?
Which poems would the angels choose
From and angel heart's desire?

thanks to N. A. Noel and John Wm. Sisson for Believe xo