Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my better half

The good news is my better half got a job. The bad news is my better half got a job. 

I know in this economy you may think I am out of my mind, but I have really enjoyed the past month sharing my days with Wayne.  We were able to get a sneak peak at what our retirement days will be like and I look forward to living them with ease.  We knew for a year he would have to pursue other options for income and let the universe take over our destiny.  This is extremely hard for a man to do as they are defined by who they are, what they do and what they make (according to Steve Harvey, anyway) and he was too anxious to enjoy the luxury of freedom of employment unless he was secure in the fact he could continue to be the bread winner for a few more years.  We made the best of our time by going to movies during the day and frequenting a few spas for a little pampering.  We sat by our respective perches clicking our computers working on our various projects.  Mine is blogging and connecting on facebook.  I continue to give massages but on a limited basis and most of my time is being the domestic goddess around our home.  Now he knows what it is like to be a domestic god.  And he likes it (so do our dogs.)  This time of year is about hanging around the abode as the weather dictates if we want to be outside in the colder elements.  The fireplace lures us to stay right where we are most of the day.  We pitter around the house and perform the daily ritualistic chores but it is not so tedious when shared by another.  We make sure to provide space to one another so as not to get too attached so Wayne will connect with his buddies to jam or just enjoy their company over a brew and I will meet my friends for lunch to update our lives and share new endeavors.  This camaraderie provides a sense of comfort and calm to the heart.  All the years of challenge and dealing with life situations get rewarded in these few precious moments of tranquility.  We are not wasting a second and continue our little projects for the boys - he is transferring about 30 VCRs onto DVD to give our sons for Christmas as remembrances.  Last year I ransacked all the photos I had everywhere and made special photo albums depicting each of their lives from birth.  I made one for Wayne as a father and the dogs, too.  It was fun to do but time consuming.  They really appreciated these momentos and I still hear comments from their friends about how neat it is to share the kids' past. I am compiling my blog notes into a book so they know my stories and with the videos, we can give our sons a little legacy to reflect on and pass onto their offspring someday.  Operative word being someday.  We will wait and embrace the time when we will be blessed with grandkids.  We make jokes about how we will spoil them.  Everything in time.  There is no doubt God has His own plan for us and we learned many moons ago to give things up to Him,  for He knows better than we do what is best for us.  So we ask His will be done and give us strength to endure any trials He may have in store for us. Our lives are in His hands and this belief works for us.  My music man is heading out to meet with a few of his lifetime bandbuddies, Tom and Danny, from their Snapps band back in the day.   I will prepare the sauce for ravioli tonight while listening to 99.5 country station.  Blessings are everywhere.  We only need to open our eyes and embrace these gifts.  Then share them.  The greatest gift is to love and be loved.  Amen.  xo