Friday, July 29, 2011

dupage county fairgrounds

charlie and steve smooching

Residents of surrounding areas of Dupage County have been bombarded with severe and dangerous weather.  The month of July has proven terribly treacherous and causing misery to most homeowners.  It was exactly a year ago that we were cleaning up the messes from floods so my prayers are for those being affected today.  It is literally draining to deal with flood damage.  pun intended here.  The most difficult thing about weather damage is it is unpredicable and uncontrollable and there is nothing we can do except pick up the pieces after the wrath of weather incidents.  We decided to commiserate by attending the Dupage County Fairgrounds to appreciate our area.
monster and steve

We began our journey by visiting Wayne at his office in Wheaton.  He was to host a table at the fairgrounds to inform residents of all the services offered to the community.  We began checking out the other booths and were so excited about all the offerings.  We locked into some colorful jackets and healing crystals.  I already soaked them in salt and will let the sun kiss them today before hanging them in the windows.  What a great deal we got on all the goodies.  Afterwards we surprised Danny as he was tending bar at Maggiano's in Naperville.  We dined on pasta and took plenty home for a repeat treat. 
juggler and steve

We stopped by some pretty interesting booths pertaining to the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette.  This was so timely as we were recently told we are going to hell if we don't believe in the same religion as a friend does.  Having found this booth that all religions brought together under one roof to offer devotion and prayer in unity really clicked for us.  Whew...that was a close call.  LOL  Honestly, we honor all faiths and never judge or ram religion down another person's throat, so to speak, and believe God loves everyone, no matter what formal religion one chooses to believe and follow, or not.  No coincidences here ~ it is not easy to have another person make jabs and hold judgement but somehow finding this provided confidence we are on the right path, and the message was quite clear.  We gathered up the pamphlets and will make a field trip to this dwelling.  Funny thing is Wayne and his buddies went there over 30 years ago so he is no stranger to it.  I suppose enlightenment can be in the strangest places!
Wayne and Joanna

As they worked together, we made pit stops to drop off our packages and offer them lemonade and little treats.  This fair was reminiscent of the Walworth County Fair we attended when we had our home in Wisconsin.  There is a feeling of familiarity watching the farm animals win awards and perform races ~ we witnessed the tail end of the duck races but missed the piggies.  The bunnies and chickens are so big and beautiful, but I did not like the cows being huddled so tightly together as they were.  :(  I kept revisiting Charlie the sheep.  There was something about her that clicked with me and she let me get up close and personal. Steve said the paparazzi surrounded us.  The owner came by and mentioned Charlie is 18 months old and will compete today.   I must have been a farmer in one of my past lives for I felt so at home with all of them.  Or perhaps I was one of the animals :)
reiki garb

The jackets are loaded with variations of healing symbols and the widened sleeves sealed our selection.  Look at that amethyst healing stone!  This will surely bring protection and positive energy around here.  July is almost over ~ thank the Lord. We have endured record breaking rainfalls set by storms, 3-digit temperatures, golfball-sized hail, 68,000 lightening strikes in a 12-hour period, numerous power outages causing ComEd to heroically restore power swiftly, flash floods and the demise of centuries-old trees from severe winds and lightening.  And this is only Mother Nature's wrath!  July brought terrorism in Norway, US governmental bickering about our financial follies, sports squabbles between owners and players, news of various family dramas and heartache; and an overall heaviness in the air.  One more day.  Mercury will be retrograde next month, but something tells me is will be more bearable than this one. 
Hope heals. xo

On the appearance of fearful natural events
 call ye to mind the might and majesty of your Lord,
He Who heareth and seeth all, and say
"Dominion is God's, the Lord of the seen and the unseen,
the Lord of creation."

Thy name is my healing, O my God,
and remembrance of Thee is my remedy.
Nearness to Thee is my hope,
and love for Thee is my companion.
Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor
in both this world and the world to come.
Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful,
the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

O God, guide me,
protect me,
make of me a shining lamp
and a brilliant star.
Thou art the Mighty
and the Powerful.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

one month

There is nothing as peaceful as a babe in slumber.  It is so easy to just watch him dreaming and smiling at the angels. Dillan likes being outdoors and watching the leaves flow on the trees and listening to the birdies tweet.
Little Prince is trying to decide if he wants to wake up or keep dreaming.  He is only one month old and has no clue all the drama that transpired outside his sheltered little world.  July was not an easy month ~ just another roadblock on the happiness trail.  His brilliant energy balanced all the rough stuff.  :)
Dillan sleeps through the night, is growing at a healthy pace, cries for a bit when his diaper is wet or the bottle is not warm enough and lets us know how to appease him.  He gives eye contact and studies his surroundings and likes contrasting colors the most.  We take stroller rides through the neighborhood in the early evening and visit with friends.  There are not many babes around these parts anymore, so he is a treasure to the baby boomer empty nesters. 
Ok  ~ he is awake now and ready to rock our world.  He loves his pacifier and makes the cutest sounds when he roots.  He is definitely letting us know his attitude and we adore him.  Dillan has his mom's eyes and long fingers and most physical traits are like his daddy.  He likes to wrap his fingers around one of ours and still finds comfort in being swaddled; such a good natured little guy.
Throughout the days and times of your life you continue to choose and to create people, events, and circumstances designed to bring you the exact, right, and perfect opportunities you now desire in order to know yourself as you truly are.   neale donald walsch

don't happy xo

Saturday, July 23, 2011

congratulations mikey!

You did it!  While paving your career you managed to achieve a huge goal in obtaining your Criminal Justice Degree.  The final stretch was brutal, but your persistence paid off.  Margarita already bought the frame for your diploma to grace your wall of accomplishments.  As your parents, we are extremely proud of the strides you are making in your journey.  You have a beautiful mate who loves you unconditionally, a warm home to come home to, and a gorgeous son to share your love.  And Ozis.  He is such a cute little doggie and adores you to no end. 
Life is good, my son.  Keep following your heart and sharpen your instincts and feel the love we have for you and your new family.  Your brothers look up to you and will always remember you have their back.  There is nothing more precious than the bond of brothers.  Take time to relax a little now.  Bask in the joy your little prince will bring.  Cuddle with the one you love and be happy.  Tomorrow we will celebrate.
You are wonderful. xo


Friday, July 22, 2011

happy birthday shuka

 your pride and joy
you are a wealthy man 

you made the world a better place ~ your offspring are your legacy xo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

message for LIFE

We all have our own perceptions and memories.  Due to our efforts, he is finally happy and has more riches than he will ever need in this lifetime.  You know nothing.  When you asked me to set up a rendezvous, his true response was "no... I don't know her."  I tried to spare you the harsh truth but now you need to know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


little pickles

We had a great time with the little prince, a.k.a. pickles while mom and dad went on a date.  During the day, I dabbled in my pickle adventure.  Here is how it went.

snipping off the ends to defray the enzymes from overwhelming
had to settle for grape leaves ~ could not score finding cherry dill leaves :(
brine for soaking pickles
layering all the goods in the crock
the mighty crock
dragon will play sentinel for 3 days until done

We have been bombarded with severe storms these days; at least the crops are happy!  The dill has grown aplenty so I might as well put it to good use.  Next round:  tomatoes! 

sharing some beauty from our garden
look to the light xo


Friday, July 15, 2011


I spent the past three days pulling all sorts of weeds from the gardens.  The weather was perfect for this tedious task and I enjoyed feeling the warmth of the sun and the whisper of the wind while I diligently cleared the grounds of these pesky plants.  I must admit some weeds are quite pretty but they smother the good stuff, so off with their heads! (and roots)  Between my Dad's place and my own, I filled five yard bags.  My hamstrings and fingers are screaming but soaking in a hot bath is a sure cure for that (and Bayer aspirin.)  Deed is done; now I can feel the good feng shui energies once again, and continue perusing Martin's Fire and Ice series.  I am almost finished with book 3, savoring every word.  Thanks, Wayne-O, for ordering Dance of Dragons for me. :)
Last night Wayne-O and Danny spent the night with the boys jammin' at Danny Gibbons' place.  The old Snapps band got together with some other friends and worked their synergy.  Now the son gets to see that even when you get old, playing music never does. 
Here is another photo share of our little prince ~ with his eyes open.  Grandpa Poppie held him outside for a bit and he is so amazing.  He never fusses, sleeps through the night, and gained 9 ounces in one week, so now he is up to 9 lbs. 3 ozMother's milk will do that.  His fingers and toes are long and he is beginning to focus on his surroundings when he is not napping.  We've already enjoyed his presence for a little over two weeks and look forward to every moment with him. 

Happy birthday to the many, many celebrators this month! xo

Sunday, July 10, 2011

empty nest

Empty nest syndrome is a general feeling of loneliness that parents or guardians may feel when one or more of their children leave home; it is more common in women. When children move away, mothers can get empty nest syndrome, which is generally accepted as the lonely, abandoned feeling of the home being empty.  The marriage of a child can lead to similar feelings, with the role and influence of the parents often becoming less important compared to the new spouse. A strong maternal or paternal bond between the parent and child can make the condition worse. The role of the parent while the child is still living with them is more hands-on and immediate than is possible when they have moved out, particularly if the distance means that visits are difficult.  In order to fill the void of the empty house, many people look for something that is living and breathing that will take their mind off of their feelings, like a pet.
As the cycle of life continues, all parents realize the passage of their offspring onto their own nests will someday arrive.  Many parents anticipate this passage and even encourage their baby birds to launch on their own, providing the freedom to enjoy their living quarters in peace and quiet.  We have tasted glimpses of this passage as our babies begin their own journey ~ usually on the weekends but eventually, they, too, will find permanent nests away from the one they were born and raised.  I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy having a full house and was one those moms who looked forward to summer so she could spend more time with them.  I imagine when our home is officially empty, I may have a bittersweet notion of the empty nest syndrome, but alas, I will adapt, knowing they need to spread their wings and fly.  
I ran across this cartoon and had to share, as it may be comical, however, I personally know many couples that separated when they encountered the empty nest.  Sometimes, particularly when the mother devotes her entire essence to the total well-being and success of her children, she finds herself without an identity when they launch on their own.  Suddenly, she realizes the only tapestry with her mate was because of the children, and being alone with her mate just doesn't cut it anymore.  This is sad, but oh, so true, in too many instances.  If you find you are approaching empty nesting, ponder your relationship and goals for a happy future with your mate.  Remember you began as a couple, and as circles often do, you will come around as a couple. 
Rediscover common interests, and if you have lost some of the spark, work on rekindling and seek new avenues.  Enjoy life a little more selfishly, with each other more often.  Spend time with other empty nesters and share your stories and help each other through the process.  Bask in the knowledge you both did a fantastic job of raising your children to be able to continue their journey independently and be proud of their courage to take the leap on their own.  After a quarter of a century, you may find yourself asking "where did the time go?"  You are not alone.  Plus, they usually come back to visit, anyway, and the best part is they will begin their own nests, and have their own baby birdies! 
And you can always bond with your pets, who are, after all, just like your babies, anyway! xo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

bliss~filled moments

mother and son
Senelis Jon and Mochuite Ana

cousins Melania ~ Dillan ~ Erikus
grandpa ~ daddy ~ little cutie

Our grandson is surrounded with love and affections.  Today we celebrate his first full week with us.  He is such a happy baby and a joy to see.  His appetite pleases Mama and he only lost two ounces since birth. She is a natural when it comes to mothering.  I am in awe of her ~ and my son.  Dillan sleeps peacefully and even let his parents get in six hours the other night.  He is very healthy and strong and likes to wrap his hand around your finger.  Our little rainbow continues to shine his light of love with his new family.  Even Ozis loves him!
True bliss. xo

Sunday, July 3, 2011

open arms

little dude
proud uncle

Pictures say a thousand words.  xo

Friday, July 1, 2011

diane louise

diane louise

Isn't this lovely?  I was pleasantly surprised when the fedex man delivered this and it was sent to me.  Usually all packages are for Dan or Darcy, so I wondered what it could be.  Lo and behold, my Aunt Diane ordered it from her cousin, Robin Hahn of Jarmfarm, who makes these beautifully crafted glass garden ornaments.  This particular piece is named Diane Louise, so I will always think of her when I see it.  Thanks, Lady Di.  I love it!
As promised, blogger will be bombarded with my beloved grandson, Dillan.
Of course, he is the most beautiful being on this planet right now.
I browsed through my sons' baby books and discovered the Wind males tend to enter this world in a big way.  Mike was 8 lbs. 14 oz., 20 1/2 inches long;  Dan was 8 lbs. 2 oz., 20 1/2 inches and Steve was 8 lbs. 11 oz., 21 inches.  Dillan was 8 lbs. 12 oz., 20 1/2 inches long.  Big boys, no doubt!  Mikey commented "he's not a baby, he's already a dude!"  LOL And he really has a set of lungs on him ~ whew!
Today Mike brings his mate and son home.  First they will visit Margarita's mom, who was able to return home yesterday and is recovering quickly from her accident.  Praise God!  We have so much to be thankful for and we are. 

Please keep Tom Riley in your prayers as he is undergoing a medical issue this week.  He is a strong and positive man but the power of prayer always nudges things along.  Much obliged. xo