Friday, December 11, 2009

big daddy's chili

Mom made chili for her music man every day.  When they would travel to Las Vegas she made enough to freeze beforehand so when they returned he was fulfilled with his daily delight.  Upon her passing, I embraced the honor of continuing this tradition, making Dad's chili based on a combination of recipes by Mom and Nanny (her mom.)  It took a few experimental batches to get it just right and my concoction cannot be deviated, for he is a creature of habit.  Dad never fails to let me know how much he appreciates this; it is truly my pleasure.

The main ingredient is my love, so if you wish to duplicate this recipe, make sure you include plenty of it.  As follows:

3 lbs. ground chuck
1/2  vidalia onion/3 scallions
1 whole garlic
8 oz. fresh mushrooms, sliced/1 small can mushrooms
4 packets variety of chili mixes
diced peppers - 1/2 each - green, red, yellow, orange
1 1/2 big cans tomatoes, puree/stewed
1 can each pinto/black beans
Dash of cumin, ceyenne, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, adobo spice, chili pepper 

Brown meat and drain fat.  Add chopped garlic, onion, peppers; saute together to blend the flavors. Add spices, a little water and then tomatoes.  Stir and season to taste.  Simmer awhile then add beans.  Simmer a little more and add mushrooms - make sure to add your love throughout the preparations. For some reason chili always tastes better the next day but when my boys take a whiff of the aroma they dive in.  Every 3 weeks I make a savory pot for Big Daddy and one for us, and my boys know that Grandpa's pot is on the left burner.  Enjoy.  xo