Saturday, November 6, 2010


my very own Apple 4G iPhone

We finally bit the bullet and expanded the hi-technology in our lives.  We are always the last to try whatever is new and exciting in the big world of newfangled toys, so here we go.   We were going to wait for the Microsoft Windows phone, but heard too many negatives, so we went with the best tool available on the market - for now.   So many bells and whistles to explore.  It is truly an amazing contraption and there is an App for everything. Nice.
his and hers

It is overwhelming for me, a simple domestic goddess, to have all sorts of options at my fingertips (literally) but once I figure things out, I am sure to enjoy the perks.  I look forward to the navigation most of all.  Now I hope to never get lost again as long as I keep my new gadget handy.  The best part of making this change is it costs us only a few pennies more and we put Dan on our plan, so his fee has reduced drastically, and he can guide us through the steps on how to play with our iPhones.  Win-win.  These are super early Christmas presents to each other. We have been warned not to purchase electronic or big ticket items while Mercury is retrograde next month, so all gifts will be bought in November.  Better to be safe than sorry. Thanks to technology I am shopping the internet for the gifts, comparing costs and reading reviews; then Wayne buys them online.   

Brighton Park home

The former torture chamber is officially on the market for sale.  The realtor found it was built in 1911, so it is almost a century old.  This mission was long, grueling and laborious, but our efforts are already paying off.  Now we wait and see who will own this home that was loved by so many in the past.  I feel 100 pounds lighter (too bad I'm not) now that things are settling down.  Steve made a funny comment the other day as I was recovering from a physically challenging project.  His words of wisdom: "you better start acting your age."  I'll try to take heed, sweet sunshine. xo

Have a great weekend.  

Remember to set your clocks back an hour tonight. 

Less sunshine for awhile   :(