Monday, November 29, 2010


Dr. Oz

While relaxing in my simple abundance room, my remote happened upon some tips worth sharing by Dr. Oz.  I love this guy.  He is so genuine and down to earth - and brilliant, to boot! 

Shortcuts to Better Health

Eating an apple before lunch fills an empty stomach and deters us from eating more than we need to be satisfied.  This simple shortcut shaves off 5 pounds per year.


Replace oils with apple sauce by half when baking.  Those with a sweet tooth will not taste any difference and quite possibly it will taste better!  Plan to lose 6 pounds annually using this weight loss shortcut.

Refrigerate your cans.  Yep!  If you have any spare room, this will bring the oils and grease to the top and when you open the can, just scrape it off.  Shave 6 pounds each year with this tip.

Dilute juice with 1/2 cup seltzer water.  Juices contain sugar which can add up to 48 pounds of extra sugar that you can afford to stop putting in your body.  Simply diluting cranberry or orange juice, and any flavored drink for that matter, with seltzer, makes a huge difference.  Plan on losing 13 pounds per year. 

Fake carbohydrates by substituting a pasta for a veggie. Simply blend veggies of your choice (chives, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli) with potatoes or pasta.  This allows you to save 12 pounds each year!

The most significant shortcut shared by Dr. Oz was having a support system with endeavors to lose weight.  By swapping a gym bag with a friend or spouse, this encourages us to get to the gym more frequently so as not to disappoint our buddies.  It only takes 30 minutes 3 times a week to see results.  Plan on losing 13 pounds. 

The holidays are a time to share meals and baked goods.  Enjoy your creations with a little less guilt about gaining inches by taking shortcuts to a healthier you. 
Thanks, Dr. Oz.  xo