Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a night to cherish

date night on hump day

Yet again we indulged in a delightful dinner at Dao.  This time Mike and Margarita joined us for the first time.  The owner, JoJo, provided a complimentary appetizer with crabmeat and Margarita and I had my all-time favorites, seaweed salad and dragon on fire sushi.  The boys devoured pad thai noodles and chicken teriyaki.  Wayne enjoys his mai tai libation and I sip the cucumber splash.  We discovered that Dan created this famous drink and it is very popular here.
wayne and mikey

Dan was off this night so we sat in a booth instead of dining at the bar which provided for a different experience.  It was heartwarming to share their plans for the future and see how excited they are together.  We are thrilled when they share details of their nuptials and include us in the creation of their wedding.  Life has a way of bringing balance and we continue to celebrate happy times.  
The evening graced us with a gorgeous amber-toned crescent moon and our weather continues to bring  gentle reminders of Indian summer.  The year is almost over and it has been smooth.  That's the best word to describe it. 
crabmeat salad appetizer
seafood salad
dragon on fire sushi
pad thai and noodles
chicken teryiaki

It's fun to break up the week by dining out.  What started out as simple dinner plans turned into a night to remember and cherish forever.  Another moment that takes my breath away.  xo