Monday, November 15, 2010

on your mark, set, get ready...

The holiday season is upon us.  LITE-FM radio station is already playing Christmas songs and so are the department stores.   Neighbors are decorating their homes outdoors.  Here we go again...Take a deep breath and begin your journey.  If you wish to make this holiday season a little smoother, allow me to share some tips as to how our beloved planets can guide us in the right direction.

Everything is energy and everything is connected through the metaphysical.  How we use that energy is manifested into our life.  Your actions and life's happenings are not coincidence, but rather what you've created through your own consciousness.  Your future is what you put into action today.  The scientific world has a fancy term for the study of energy - energetics, and it applies to all physical matter.  Knowing that all matter is connected, we can look at celestial bodies, astrology and other metaphysical mediums of learning as energetics because they are all made up of energy, both seen and unseen. 

Astronomy is the science that deals with the material universe beyond the earth's atmosphere (sun, moon, stars.)  Astrology is the study that interprets the influence of those heavenly bodies on human affairs.  These two studies began to converge near the beginning of civilization.  Early men became interested in astronomy when they gazed up at the stars, observing the movement of those heavenly bodies and how they corresponded to the seasons.  The realization that the suns, moons, stars and planets moved in a precise, consistent motion allowed ancient civilizations to keep track of time more easily.  This same realization caused mankind to ponder how the energy from the astronomical movements affected our lives.  Repeated cycles involving the earth, sun, planets and constellations brought on the recognition that when this influence was exerted upon human beings, certain events occurred.  Astrology was born.

Astrology, the rotating seasons and the movement of the stars led these stargazers to realize that there were physical influences taking place between the heavens and the earth.  Since the movement of the stars was consistent, they could put a meaning to their movement through the date, place and time of anything's origin.  That is how we use complex mathematical and astronomical formulas in astrology to forecast future events based upon your birth information.  When we realized that future forecasts could be made for those living on earth through the position of the stars and their influence in various positions, mankind started looking for more answers.  We were created with certain transcendental senses that made us believe that even though we could not see the smallest unit of matter, we perceived that everything was made up of some type of energy and we knew the influence was there. 

Look at the atom.  It is the cornerstone of all matter and in itself is energy personified.  Science has proven our early ancestors' hunches correct and now knows that the atom never dies.  Indeed it transforms and becomes a part of another entity.  It remains constantly in motion.  This is a great example of why transcendental knowledge trumps mere concrete knowledge.  It allows us to perceive the reasons behind everything, something we as human beings have always sought.  Mankind has always looked to the transcendental and metaphysical, the underlying theoretical properties of physics, to give a reasonable explanation to something we don't understand, yet innately feels has to cause a particular physical reaction.  That thought process, supported by quantum physics, explains energy.

The mysteries of astrological and metaphysical activity such as the stars moving through the heavens, a psychic foretelling your life's past and future events, or a medium communicating with your loved ones are spiritual energetics.  Those energies encompass all matter of transcendental learning by using the mystical side of information to understand the physical. 

Our lives as they were yesterday, as they are today, and as they will be tomorrow, are all about energy - the energy we give forth and energy we invite.

Reading your horoscope provides more than just a few assumptions about what might happen for you on that day.  Understanding the connection of spiritual energetics in your life will prepare you to focus your energy on the best outcome that you desire, to make changes today if necessary so that they will manifest tomorrow. 

Here are a few tips as to how our planets will affect us during the holiday season.

Neptune rules dreams, inspiration and creativity and has been withholding its powers since May 31 (retrograde) causing confusion, but has gone direct on November 7, making life brighter and easier.

Jupiter is associated with gifts, happiness, luck, profits, good fortune and even miracles.  It is known as the planet of healing and has been asleep since July 23.  Jupiter will go direct on November 19.

 Venus is the 'love me' planet, providing love and fun of life, romance, leisure, beauty and is linked to profits.  She settled down to get her beauty sleep since October 8 (retrograde) but will move full steam ahead when she goes direct on November 18.

Since both Jupiter and Venus have been retrograde, it is important not to sign any contracts before November 18 as both planets are weak and not very effective.  After this day, go for it!  A perfect time to purchase items that embellish or beautify (jewels, perfume, expensive clothing) should be acquired between November 18 - 30 for these items are ruled by Venus and she will be direct and in full swing.

Uranus is the planet of all things newly invented and original.  It is the planet that rules unexpected surprises and the Sun will signal Uranus on November 19.  This could be a four star day for many of us.  We also have a full moon on November 21 that may make many dreams come to fruition.  One thing is for sure: this cheery full moon will be one of the most beautiful, tender and enchanting of the year.  All full moons have influence of four days.

Mercury - ah, here we go.  This stinker of a planet will make our December a messy month, for it will go retrograde from December 10 - 30 and we will feel the effects as soon as December 1.  Since this planet rules communication, appliances, electronics, contracts and transportation, it is crucial to refrain from the purchase of new computers, television, or other machines with moving parts, for it will be a disaster.  Your recipient may not like the gift, the item may not function properly, or a drop in price may occur later when a newer model comes out.  When this planet retrogrades, there is a slowdown, delays occur, postponements and miscommunication. This creates confusion and mayhem.  Ugh.  Get a gift certificate instead!

It would be wise to shop for all your holiday presents in November, as well as any expensive items for yourself.  However, there are two days that will be the exception, and believe it or not, they are Black Friday (November 26) and Black Saturday (November 27)Huge sigh... These are the big days for consumers to do their heavy holiday shopping and give retailers a chance to see their ledgers go into the black.  Unfortunately, on these two days, Mercury, which rules transportation, agreements and commerce, will pick a bad fight with volatile Uranus, which rules unpredictable events, and it is not a favorable day for travel, shopping, signing contracts or starting new ventures.  You can purchase electronics and appliances anytime all through the month of November, excluding 26 and 27.

Not only will Mercury be retrograde, but a major lunar eclipse will occur on December 21 which will surely bring unexpected events, changed agendas, shifting priorities and unforeseen conditions.  Last minute holiday preparations and shoppers will face mounting stress.

The hardest part of holiday shopping is deciding what to get for those on my list.  I knew about the above predictions, so I began brainstorming a few weeks ago and decided to go with three Cs for our boys.  They expect two of the three -  cash and cologne - for it has been a tradition that I provide a new scent each year, but the third will remain my secret.  I must leave something for them to wonder about, even if they are all grown up.  There is something about the element of surprise on Christmas morning that captures the young at heart.  Their parents are planning a romantic getaway at Champagne Lodge (another C) so our holidays should be smooth sailing.

Everything is energy.  Everything touches. 

The true connection is made. xo