Tuesday, November 30, 2010

stir fry

I finally bought my wok cashing in on the Jewel food store special.  I saved up my stickers each time I shopped and redeemed them for my new cooking utensil.  Previously I dabbled in a stir fry recipe using my dependable skillet but today I will attempt to use the official wok for this endeavor.  Here goes.

1 head cabbage
2 onions
1 lb. fresh shrimp
bean sprouts
chick peas
water chestnuts
soy vay wasabi teriyaki
veri veri teriyaki
tuong ot sriracha hot chili sauce

various oriental noodles
(the one on the left is best)

Shred cabbage and chop onions, carrots and broccoli.  Saute in lots of butter and oil until tender.  Add cooked shrimp, water chestnuts and chick peas.   Prepare noodles then drain.  Mix together and season with teriyaki sauces.  Place all in a wok and blend together.  Add a little hot chili sauce as this is extremely potent and could potentially knock your socks off.   I always eat oriental foods with chop sticks.  For some reason it tastes better that way.

Please keep a few people in your prayers who are undergoing surgeries this month:  Brent, Aletha and Cindy.  They are connected to one family - things do happen in 3s.   xo