Sunday, November 7, 2010

rocky and bullwinkle

These bewildered critters have been living in our bedroom walls for a very long time.  We set traps and checked the roof for openings and they continued to find a way in.  Until today.  Wayne found a little opening and secured it with bricks inside and wood outside.  We caught Rocky and Bullwinkle in the act trying to re-enter their new abode.  Sorry guys....

They were so cute to watch and knew we were on to them.

It was as if they were pleading with us to let them back in.

Now what to do?

Here's a captured moment with Steve and Pontiac grazing in the grass.

Smooches for Thumper.

Finally a glimpse of the early sunset after adjusting for daylight savings time.

Now I'll continue playing with my new toy.  All my favorite songs are uploaded and I am adding some fun Apps. 

Happy days.  xo