Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dear mom

Dear Mom,

  It has been three years since you shared your essence with us on earth.  We do our best to cope with not having you here to embrace and share our lives, but you are well aware of everything that transpires down here.  Needless to say, we miss you dearly.  I thought to share some tidbits, just as we used to.

Dad is doing well.  He lost some weight, but he has Ralph to keep him company and cook meals.  Together they are a great team and you would be so happy to see them interact together.  I call it the miracle, for it is heartwarming to know they are exactly where they should be at this point in time.  Dad has his daily rituals; getting up before the crack of dawn, meeting with his cronies at the racetrack for some coffee and conversation, then home to watch The Price is Right while indulging in a bowl of chili with tamales.  He still naps everyday between 11 and 2 and then he bonds with Brother Bo the rest of the day, checking to see if he won the lottery and after the news, Wheel of Fortune.  I stop by every week to give him a massage and at times attempt to organize a few things, and had fun taking care of your garden this year.  I think of how you loved your flowers and bushes and try to apply the same tender loving care as you did.  Sometimes I feel your presence when pulling the weeds.  Giggle here.  Dad and Bo are always appreciative and notice when we do little things to make them more comfortable.  I get a tickle when he sings 'Let the sun shine' when we visit.  Karen and I convinced the boys to purchase a new washer and dryer and it just arrived - Wally took care of making sure it was installed properly and they are so pleased.  Now let's see who actually does the clothes.  Chuckle here.  Next we will try to coerce them to get a new carpet.  Fingers crossed.  Maybe you can nudge him a little to take a trip to Vegas in the not-too-distant future.  :)

Wayne and I are very proud of how our boys are continuing their journey.  They are grown men now and everyday they make good life choices - especially their significant others. 

 Mike has a flourishing career in criminal justice and one more college class before he gets his degree.  He did it the hard way - working full time and attending school at night, but now he is close to achieving another goal.  His condo is refurbished to his liking and he is engaged to be married to Margarita amidst Japanese gardens while nature is in full bloom.  I had fun shopping for an amazing wedding dress and sharing her effervescence for the pretty flower arrangements, and look forward to making more memories with them.   We share a love for gardening and I am thrilled to have her as my daughter. 

Dan continues his college classes at DePaul and should get his bachelor's degree next year.  He does the opposite of Mikey - attends school during the days and bartends at a fabulous restaurant most evenings.  He is still at home with us and has a darling girlfriend.  Darcy fills our home with so much fun and happy energy these days.  It is refreshing to share girlish moments like browsing through Victoria's Secret together.  We share a passion for reading and she read all our Sookie Stackhouse series books in two weeks.  Last night she and I lounged on my bed with both dogs while we watched an adorable movie - How to Train A Dragon.  We lit our candles and bonded beautifully. 

You would like our girls.  Reading and gardening - your pastimes.  They are both inwardly and outwardly beautiful and bring out the best in our boys.

Steve will be 19 next week and has made huge strides the last few years.  We are so proud of how he turned his life around and embraces life to its fullest, and shows the world his many talents.  He should complete his community college classes next year and will focus on getting his bachelor's degree at Columbia College.  His talents know no bounds.  He makes memories with many of his cherished friends and his creative side is booming.  He is wise enough to make the most of his earthly experiences.  Keep whispering in his ear. 

All the boys have the music gene.  I found three accordions in your basement and Dad wants to start playing again.  Mike plays guitar and is learning the bass, just like Wayne.  Dan beats on his drums everyday and Steve plays the piano constantly.  There is never a dull moment in this house, and you know how smooth things are today compared to what transpired the last five years, so this is a gravy train for us now.  We count our blessings, keep an optimistic attitude, enjoy all the simple pleasures and never, ever take anything or anyone for granted. 

Give our love to all our departed loved ones, especially Jim, Kevin and Tasha, who joined you more recently.  I found this picture immediately as I browsed for an angel holding a baby and it depicts you perfectly.  Your greatest gift to us was your nurturing, unconditional love.  We will keep your essence alive in our hearts and continue your life force when our children have children; then Big Daddy can boast being Great Grandpa.  Someday we will meet again when our time comes to join you.  Until that time arrives, know you are loved forever and we will do our best to keep your legacy. 

  I guess I'll see you in my dreams if you need to send a message, just as you have in the past.  I close with a kiss and a hug.  xo

With love,

Your daughter, Robbie