Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday

group shot

The feast is consumed.  Hugs and smooches were abundant.  Those who visited our humble abode enjoyed each other's company for awhile then continued our day of thanks with more family members.  Thanks to Steve for using his tripod, and Margarita for figuring out how to adjust it so we could capture this memory.  All the boys grumbled and growled when the camera started clicking, so we limited the exposures.  Got some good ones anyway...


It's always fun to catch up in person with the family.  Time has a way of passing a little too quickly the older we get.  I want to make as many memories as possible and share them with those who were not with us on this day so we feel more connected.  It's not that often that we can get everyone together at the same time these days.  Now Wayne has his coveted updated family picture. 


I learned a long time ago from both my moms to always prepare more than you think you need, so we have plenty of leftovers and everyone took some home.  We will not be among the plethora of people shopping today, but rather will spend a quiet day at home digesting our meals and enjoying each other's company.  As Wayne says "I'll just sit here and catch my breath for awhile." Our shopping is done and the decorations are up already so we can spend the month sharing the spirit with ease.   It's very sunny on this day called black friday. 

birthday boy

We had a dual celebration as we sang to Steve for his 19th birthday.  I made an old fashioned double box Betty Crocker devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting.  Those who don't normally eat many sweets devoured a huge slice (Dan).  Go figure....We were chuckling last night when everyone left and Dan raided the fridge.  Wayne asked him "what do you have"; Dan's response "more". 

steve's seiko

Last year my Dad gave him a super deluxe watch that he never removes, but he asked for another so he wouldn't wear his out.  He loves blue; can you tell?  For some reason he wanted his Dad to choose this one.  He did good.


One of his best friends forever stopped by after work to eat my viddles and share a part of Steve's day.  He loves elephants.  It warms my heart when those we love want to be with us.  It's the fleeting moments that make our memories precious.

I had to share this gorgeous sunset, one of many we captured to everyone's delight.  This supercedes any LED light set.  To me, this is God acknowledging our gratitude for all His blessings. 

OK, Darcy, now we can play Christmas music in the house.  Let the season officially begin...xo