Saturday, November 20, 2010


Mielzynski crest

As a maiden, this was my sir name.  Even though I have the honor of being a Wind for 30 years, I will always be a Mielzynski.  My cousin, Ronnie, sent information he found on wikipedia which confirmed what a woman told me a few years ago.  When we were searching for a caretaker for my mother-in-law, the Polish owner of the service mentioned my maiden name was from a noble family in Poland.  Her insight is validated by the following.

The Mielzynski family (Polish pronunciation mjel'zin'ski) originally of Lithuanian and Polish stock in the first millenium, were a noble family within Poland from the 13th century into the 20th.  Part of the Nowina clan, the Mielzynskis were players in politics, the arts and military endeavors.  Their wealth included palaces like Pawlowice and Iwno.  As magnates and members of the szlachta, their dynastic connections to the Royal Houses of Europe were extensive, including lineages to the Kings of France and modern Spain. 

Mielzynski of Nowina, Maximilan, Antoni, Jan (sons of Andrzej) by his wife Anna-Petronella Brinska (1738-1799) obtained the hereditary title of Count from Kaiser Frederick William II of Prussia on September 19, 1786.  His two children, Stanislaw and Mikolaj, appear in the 1824 list of persons authorized to bear the title of Count in the Kingdom of Poland.  Josef (son of Maceij) by his wife Seweryna Lipska (1765-1824) obtained the hereditary title of Count from Kaiser Frederick William III of Prussia on July 12, 1817.

Mielzynski's Wine Bar

The interesting thing about writing blogs is most times I think of a topic and after research and expanding on same, I come up with a few more related ideas to share.  The domino effect is amazing.  I usually don't know what I will write about and suddenly an idea pops in my head and I click away.  This is the most exciting perk about writing - it can be endless and I never know where my thoughts will lead me.  Now I can share a little more heritage information for my sons and their families.
 As I researched my heritage, thanks to Ronnie and the internet, I discovered a quaint wine bar located in Warsaw, Poland.  Mielzynski's Wine Bar is close to Warsaw's main road and one patron described it as being able to hear bird's singing and people laughing over a good meal and wine.  This is one of Warsaw's chic places where you always pop into celebrities.
The wine bar website is in Polish so I could not decipher all its offerings, however, one thing was for certain - the owner bears the same name as my Dad - Robert Mielzynski
 Robert Mielzynski (owner)

Can you believe it?  Another testament as to how we are are all connected.  xo