Saturday, November 27, 2010


Originally trees were adorned with apples, strings of popcorn, white candy canes and pastries in the shape of hearts, stars and flowers.  Glass baubles and beads were created by Hans Grenier in Lauscha, Germany in the mid 19th century.  Today ornaments are made so we can place them on our trees year after year and many hold sentimental significance.

Little Stevie

   We trim two trees in our home.  One graces the entrance room with various ornaments collected throughout the years; the other is in our nesting room. One was purchased when Mike worked at Wannamakers and the other when Dan worked at F.I.M, so they are both sentimental to us.

The only ornaments that grace our family room tree are those made by my Mom.  To be honest, most of my indoor holiday items were made by her.  I would call every year to thank her when I hung these treasures of our boys.  She captured each of their childhood years in an ornament that tugs my heart.  And she boasted 17 grandchildren! Now I have warm fuzzies whenever I place them on our tree.  This year Steve and Darcy had the honor so they could begin to have that same feeling.
Little Mikey
These precious tokens can never be replaced, so we keep them in a special place.

Each ornament has a unique design.

Little Danny

One year I attempted to make ornaments for my special friends. This was the best I could come up with for our tree.   That was a long time ago, capturing the years when we were in taekwondo. 

The Wind Family 1996

Now that I have time to enjoy this season, perhaps I'll take another stab at continuing this tradition.  I still have quite a bit of tools so I'll put on my creative cap and see what transpires.  Thanks, Mom! xo