Wednesday, August 4, 2010

within an hour

sunrise @ 5:30 this morning

The birds chirping just about 5:00 are my alarm clock.  I keep the bedroom window slightly ajar for night breezes.  This lets me see the sky each morning and I can glimpse at the sun peeking through.  Today was so lovely I made the effort to click some pictures.  I was rewarded, indeed.
the break of dawn

This was how the sky looked just about 6:00 am.  By now the doggies shook their tails and wiggled their way downstairs.  Wayne was just out the door to work and I attempted to catch up on Facebook activity while sipping my coffee.
storm clouds at 6:30am

Suddenly, it felt as if night had fallen upon me and I heard the leaves on the trees swishing rapidly.  I looked outdoors as I did just a few minutes earlier and clicked the sky turning black as coal.  We had 50 mile-an-hour winds and the storm was upon us very quickly.  Wayne got soaked getting off the train, traffic was snarled and I stayed put until it subsided.  When things cleared up, I dashed in the car to visit my Dad and brought him some home-grown tomatoes from the Girtman garden.  I got there without incident and had a pleasant visit.  He was so happy with his treats. 
big daddy with garden goods

This week was filled with new adventures and endeavors that I never had to do before and as we all know, sometimes new and unknown territory can cause apprehension.  I decided to conquer my fears of getting lost on highways and went to Manteno and Bourbonnais all by myself.  Mapquest gave excellent directions this time and a little preparation and courage made for a successful trip. Today I tried my hand at lighting the pilot on a hot water heater.  I read the directions, called Wayne to make sure I lit the right area to avoid an explosion, and accomplished another endeavor.  The final chore was to rid the sink and bowls of rust build up which I tried repeatedly before and had no luck; however, for some reason, I was on a roll today and tried a new approach and lo and behold, rust stains vanished!  Now I am officially a jack of all trades and master of none.  Sometimes things just flow.  I am grateful. 
Now that dinner is in the crock and I have settled back home, Steve, Darcy and I will watch marathon episodes of Mad Men.  My heart races a teeny bit whenever I hear the theme song.  Time for a date with Don. xo