Thursday, August 12, 2010

nesting soup

produce ingredients

Whenever I spend enormous amounts of time away from my humble abode, I need to reconnect by nesting.  The best way I know is to dust and sweep a bit, but Steve has been covering that base for me.  The only thing for me to do is create a meal for the ones I love.  Today I am making a potpourri version of minestrone soup with a variety of ingredients.  You can pick and choose what you like to your taste.  I am just dabbling bits of items in season.  
canned stuff

1 lb. chuck tender steak,cubed
beef bone
leftover beef au jus; beef stock
home grown green beans
3 variety zucchini
red pepper
habanero pepper
pea pods
mustard greens
bok choy
 Italian plum tomatoes
pidgeon peas
chick peas
navy beans
white beans
lentil beans
black beans
tomato paste
fire roasted chiles
adobe seasoning
salt and pepper

I just browsed through the isles at my favorite grocery store in Darien, Brookhaven Marketplace, and grabbed whatever I thought might make a delightful concoction.  Use your imagination to create your own.
Cut steaks into cubes and brown with the beef bone in a dab of au jus.  Add chopped onion, celery, red pepper, zucchini, habanero and garlic. Simmer until tender.  Chop mustard greens and bok choy, set aside.  Prepare green beans and pea pods by snipping off the ends.  Add tomatoes and paste, stirring frequently.  Add chiles, mushrooms, chopped bok choy and mustard greens.  If you need more water, add to cover all ingredients and simmer in a crock pot.  Add salt, pepper and seasonings to your taste. I used canned beans as a time saver, for authentic beans take all day and I am a little lazy today.  Play happy tunes while preparing and offer lots of love.  Enjoy!