Monday, August 23, 2010

super sammich

our first home

When we first married and lived in our home on Christiana in Brighton Park, we had a ritual every Saturday morning. We fervently cleaned our cute little Georgian top to bottom while listening to classic rock tunes and the new smooth jazz station.  Bombhead (Wayne's dad) would stroll over the two blocks with their dog, Lady Gubzie, and we would shoot the breeze and enjoy each other's company.  I prepared a light lunch that included a little soup and salad and either a tuna or super sammich (must be pronounced like a south sider!)  I was a vegetarian for seven years and prepared some awesome recipes from the Fit for Life book.  Today I will share how to make this delightful meal as I finally collected all the necessary ingredients without someone eating an item on me.

100% whole wheat or multi-grain bread
avocados - ripened, not mushy
dill pickles and/or cucumbers
alfalfa and/or gourmet sprouts
mayo and/or spicy mustard

You can toast the bread, or not.  Spread a light layer of mayo on one slice, mustard on the other.  Peel avocado and cut in slices around the pit, layering on bread. Layer pickles or cukes (or both), sliced tomatoes and top with alfalfa sprouts.  Cut in half and enjoy a healthy, tasty treat that will give your appetite satisfaction.
my alien flower finally bloomed

This is the perfect time to take advantage of all the garden goodies so try to obtain the ingredients from local markets or your own home garden for the healthiest benefits.  Make sure not to use any white flour bread - only grains.  The avocados are perfect for protein requirements.  It's a nice alternative to the fast food burgers, don't ya think?

Live life to its fullest, Laugh a lot, and Love yourself and those who need it the most.   :)