Thursday, August 26, 2010


flower soon to be zucchini

Boy does today feel like Friday!  It's the first day in over a month I did not leave my home to go anywhere - just stayed home and cleaned.  I have been keeping up with the gardens and rearranging things here and there.  Yesterday I removed this four foot tall weed that looked so cool but then it attacked me - I felt like a ton of needles pierced my arm and paid no mind until later when I noticed my whole arm was loaded with cuts.  What is that all about?   I trimmed all the seasonal foilage and removed the brown and deadened leaves so things look fresh for a little while longer.  I am slowly planting a few mums.  Out of the dozen I planted last year, only one came back.  My aunt told me to plant them in spring, so I'll wait until then.  Meantime, I need to plant a few just for the season.   I can feel a certain silence around the area as all the kids and teachers are back at school.  The air is cooler so we know what that means.  My beloved summer is winding down. :(

baby from mongolia

Early in the day I stopped by my dear friend, Mary, and admired her renovations at the home in Hinsdale, very similar to her homes in Michigan.  We caught up on our families and I continued my journey to see Big Daddy and Bo, then met Wayne for lunch at La Notte Due in Berwyn.  Afterward we strolled hand-in-hand around the neighborhood admiring some of the unique homes.  Later we watched a movie called Babies where four infants from around the world were followed by the writers for the first year of their life or until they began walking.  It was quite interesting and I enjoyed hearing all the cute newborn sounds again.  The funny thing I noticed was how I admired the two babies from Mangolia and Africa more than the modernized Japanese and American babies.  They just seemed to connect with our world more naturally.  It makes me want to pull out the DVDs of our boys and recapture those precious moments. 

I hope you all have a pleasant day enjoying this perfect weather here in the Midwest. 

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take ~
 but by the moments that take your breath away.  xo