Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what a grand day

pee break at mcdonalds

On my journey for the day, I stopped at this cute place for a break and was delighted at how cute it was.  Who would think McDonalds fancied such things?  Lately my time has been spent cleaning up and coordinating numerous changes for the family.  The boys are getting ready to go back to college very soon and summer is waning.  We have spent way too many days repairing the Chicago home and are finally ready to sell it.  Praise be to God. After conversing with a realtor for over an hour, we decided it is time to unload another burden and simplify our lives.  One more huge wave with the torture chamber and we will be free.  Sigh!

veteran's home in monteno

My next project is relocating Uncle Steve to the Veteran's Home in Manteno.  After touring this facility I decided this is where he needs to be - closer to us so we can visit more often and still have the best of care.  Lucky for me it is only a few minutes from my Aunt Diane and Uncle Bill, so every time I head over there I can stop by them, just as I did today.  What a relief it was to be with them.  Talk about happy pills.  Just casually looking at their gorgeous home and garden brings me joy.  The energy is welcoming and filled with love.  They are so happy to live in Bourbonnais.  I left with a bag filled with ripened tomatoes for us and my Dad.  He will be thrilled when I deliver them tomorrow.
bears in bourbonnais

Uncle Bill gave me the grand tour of the town in his Cadillac and we saw the Olivet Nazarene University field where the Chicago Bears practice for the next few weeks.  Do you realize their port-o-potties are in Bears colors - blue and orange?  Yep.  The whole town gathers for this extravaganza and incidentally, Bourbonnais is noted for being a sports town - everyone is super involved in all types of sports and the fields everywhere are proof positive of this.
uncle bill and aunt diane

We had lunch at this great place - Brickstone. The burger and fries were to die for - so yummy.  They make beer on the premises so we will have to indulge during another visit.   We chatted for awhile and honestly, I did not want to leave.  I could hang out at their digs all the time.  Brent and Princess Julie stopped by so I was able to get a smooch from her.  I almost took Sally and Abby home with me - they are so adorable - but contained myself. 
I thank God for days like these.  Yesterday was a pistol and wore me ragged; today was my silver lining day.  Thanks Aunt Diane and Uncle Bill for your hospitality and your love.  Next time Wayne will join us and he will bring his 12 string so you can jam together.  Until then...xo