Friday, August 13, 2010

eat pray love

Went to see the new movie, Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts.  She is absolutely perfect for this role.  I read the book a few years back and was enamored with the idea of eating as fuel for the soul.  Liz Gilbert did this on her journey to feed her knowledge of the beautiful Italian language, which was created by Dante with a mix of Latin and Spanish.  I have been trying to learn Italian since I discovered Andea Bocelli a decade ago and deciphered his lyrics which are given in both Italian and English.  My ears thirst to hear the sounds. All the characters in this flick delivered a great performance.  The book and movie are loaded with quaint quotes that we can carry with us on our journey to find the light within ourselves.  I frequent the theatre at Seven Bridges during the day and sit with the geriatrics. It is my escape to relax on my own.  Wouldn't you know I ran into one of my co-workers from Smith, Bucklin from back in the day.  
My day began by running errands and visiting Pops in the city.  I was watering his flowers when he pulled up with this cute smile on his face, knowing he will get his weekly massage.  I brought a batch of my nesting soup for him and brother Bo.  Steve's honey bear sunflowers have bloomed in their garden and look so cute.  I stopped in Brighton Park to check in with Wayne's brother, Bob.  Tomorrow we will finish our window washing project and that house will be ready to roll.  We'll stop by Oak Lawn to visit Wayne's cousin afterward.  We're all excited to have Uncle Steve closer to us.  That major trip will happen Sunday and Monday.  After that we are good to go on all fronts.
Wayne and I stopped by to visit with Danny at Dao and were pleasantly surprised by the dinner we received.  The owner made a new dish not even on the menu yet called Burning Tongue and it was so delicious.  Other patrons kept asking what it was.  Wayne tried a new Thai dish and keeps raving about it.  My pallate is still drooling over the seaweed salad and delicious drinks Dan kept coming my way.  The best was a cucumber, citron, triple sec and vodka concoction, so light, yet potent. 
The skies were extremely dark as we made our way back home to our puppies.  Sure enough, the rains pleasantly poured down, drenching our gardens.  We need this after the heat wave for the last few weeks.  Mother Nature always knows what's best.  Today is Friday, the 13th, the only one in 2010.  Typically, these days have been pleasant for me and today is no exception.  Today I ate, I prayed and I loved.  Try it, you'll like it! xo