Sunday, August 1, 2010

and so it begins...

We attended a wedding ceremony (no, it was not Chelsea's) for Laisa and Norman at the beautiful Carriage Greens Country Club in Darien.  Family and friends gathered around the gazebo to witness the wedding vow exchange and proceeded to the reception afterward.  I just love the little girl in pink as she was blowing bubbles.  Perfect touch.
laisa and norman
The happy couple just after being married.
mike as groomsman
Mike was thrilled with the whole process and kept commenting on how uplifting planning and participating in this wedding is.  This makes him even more excited to begin his own with Margarita.
how do these things go on?
Poor things - they were bewildered as to how to apply the boutonniere, but with some help, they got it done.
lots of love from guests
The weather cooperated so all could enjoy the ceremony without ruining their attire.
better take note how it's done
I am sure Mike took note of all the details from his buddy's celebration.  Practice runs make you aware of what to expect.
the best part
The cutest thing happened when the ring bearer decided he did not want to carry that pillow any longer and threw it down.  Kids make a wedding special and the last time Mike stood up to a wedding was when he was this boy's age, for his godmother Karen's wedding.  By the way, the little boy happens to be the happy couple's son!

Congratulations to Laisa and Norman.  Thanks for sharing your special day with us.  xo