Monday, August 16, 2010

home sweet home

this is me

I am paying homage to butterflies because on our road trip a tremendous amount kept flying into the Jeep and met their maker.  We finalized all our whirlwind endeavors and are embracing the comforts of our home, sweet home.  The traffic flowed smoothly but the miles were rough.  The last time we drove to Quincy we came home to a flood and the interim three weeks were spent restoring all the damage from same.  We had a few hours sleep in the last two days. This trip sealed the efforts, bringing us full circle and we completed all our current tasks, enabling a little respite tonight.  We had such a wonderful visit with our Uncle Steve and he is nicely settled in his new home.  Everyone in Quincy waved and greeted us - everywhere - so much so that Wayne asked if we have friendly written on our foreheads.  I firmly believe if love is in the heart and a mission is meant to be, the universe will make it flow.  This proved that theory.  It is a wonderful feeling to accomplish all our tasks at hand and even better when we know the universe has our backs.  Thanks!  Tomorrow I will smile knowing everything we set out to do is done.  Then I will go and get a 90 minute massage and let my body heal. xo