Tuesday, August 10, 2010

california dreamin'

I spent a few days browsing homes in the San Diego area for me and Wayne to retire to.  After almost a thousand homes for sale, I found this one.  It is perfect for us.
Thoughts are things.  I can envision us sitting on this patio sipping our favorite concoctions while listening to the silence.  No chores, no worries. 
Imagination is a great thing.  I would enjoy the constantly warm weather, but would miss our sons and their families fiercely.  Perhaps they might relocate.  I know Steve and Dan would. 
This is just an exercise in exploring our options; meantime, I truly love our home in Darien.  We have it just the way we like it and debt free, to boot!  Simplification is key.  However, possibilities are endless and if life brings us the opportunity to change, so be it.  We both lived in the city of Chicago for close to 30 years; Darien close to 30 years.  Maybe it's time to think about another place.  Then I could have my naked room! Ha ha!  Whatever is meant to be.  Change is always good, however, just for today, I am content and satisfied; grateful for all our blessings.  xo