Thursday, August 19, 2010

lush and lovely

apricot roses

This is a lovely time for gardeners when all the flowers and crops are in full bloom and produce their fruits.  As I strolled with my pups this morning I took note of how beautiful all the gardens were in the neighborhood.  The colors are so vibrant and fill my heart with all their beauty.
newbie rose from seeds

I discovered this newbie rose planted from seeds of another rose.  Steve diligently took a lot of time to collect seeds last year in the hopes something would grow and sure enough it did! 
stevie's sunflowers

The dwarf honey bear sunflowers have burst into bloom and the bigger plants will do so in a few weeks.  Last year they started showing their sunshine the beginning of September. 
dahlias ~ sunflowers ~ zucchini

This area of our garden does the best for showing off and this is the best year yet.  The dahlias have close to 100 blooms between the pink and yellow, the strawberries are ripening and the little purple things are so cute.  The yellow flowers to the right are going to be zucchini so I am excited to make zucchini breads.  Better get the flour, sugar and walnuts ready!  Recipe forthcoming in the very near future.
cactus ready to bloom

This cactus amazes me.  She was in a pot given as a gift from Janet and Sarah and I transplanted her into the ground for she looked all dilapidated and wilty.  Lo and behold, she loves her new digs and was informed that is how cacti get in certain seasons, then they sprout back to life in the warm weather.  This summer was perfect for her.  She has at least four blooms ready to burst.
spider plant with babies

This is my spider plant given by Janet and Sarah about 10 years ago and look at her grow.  She has so many babies and I have given many plants to others in years past.  I think I will name her Meerkat after the matriarch Flower who had the biggest family in the meerkat world.

I must share this new plant for she has constantly bloomed and brought so much beauty to our home entrance.  I placed finch food to attract the little critters but have not seen them around yet.  If nothing happens by next week, I'll move it somewhere else and see if that works.  Our birds do not visit us that often anymore.  Maybe they are visiting Bourbonnais for a while, for the folks there have a lush and lovely garden that I would want to hang out at.
infertile clematis

Last but not least, I am sharing my extremely lush clematis.  She has an enormous amount of foilage and is about 15 - 20 years old, but does not bloom any flowers for me.  I was told not to trim the branches after the season, nor in the spring, so I will try one more approach to encourage her blooming.  If not, I thank her for gracing my home just as she is. 

My Aunt Diane and Uncle Bill are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary today.  They just recently planted two clematis and they seem to like their new home, so whenever I visit I will greet the clematis with my nicknames for them ~ Bill and Diane.

flowers from our garden

These are just a few photo shares of my happy garden this year.  Have fun today and try to enjoy the glorious weather.  It won't be long and we'll be bundling up and sitting in front of our fireplaces.  xo