Tuesday, August 2, 2011

time flies

great grandpa ~ proud papa ~ dillan

Can you believe this?  Three generations strong.  This is the immortality connection of life begetting life.  I look forward to having my dad share his wisdom with my grandson.  These are the greatest gifts we can give to our offspring ~ something money can never buy for the priceless joy of looking into the eyes of your own immortality and ancestor is forever treasured.  May they have many more moments as this.
great auntie marilyn

We spent a wonderful afternoon just sharing and catching up with our lives and families.   Margarita stopped by and we were able to share some motherly tips and baby Dillan really locked on to his great aunt.  Marilyn has always surrounded herself with wee ones ~ mothering four beautiful children and providing day care for others for decades.  We laughed when we recalled the role of our own paternal great aunts and how they never hesitated to offer their opinions and approvals to the family.  If you passed the mustard, no worries. 
da godfather

Danny spends many nights at his brother's digs and is finding a comfortable groove with his nephew.  Dillan likes to be held and rocked and there is nothing better than having a drummer provide the task.  I wonder who enjoys it more?  Hmmm.  Last month was a major reinvention for him and words alone cannot depict how proud we are of all his accomplishments.  The universe is opening many doors and he is embracing each gift.  Forge ahead!  Seize the day!  and all that jazz... 
miracle (volunteer) sunflower

We celebrate a new month.  August has always been a transition time for me.  The weather is still hot but there will be a cooldown coming around the corner with gentle reminders of what is to come later.  We still have a window to play before school begins, yet we mentally and financially prepare for the end of summertime and its freedoms.  It's always easier to work fulltime without the hectic scholastic schedule.  Many other families have summer sports camps and this is typically a free week to plan vacations before the mad dash back to the academics, especially college bound.  Mercury is retrograde from today through the 26th, so be mindful of the common pitfalls this may bring such as more conflict, miscommunication and electronic and vehicular breakdowns.  The upside is it is always a good time to reconnect with persons from your past.  Make time to catch up with someone that has been on your mind and just connect.  Just as the photo shows, you never know what might happen.  This sunflower bloomed and was determined to make its way into our world and popped up in the most unexpected place. 
one month old

At his doctor visit today, Dillan now weighs 10 lbs. 10 oz.; 21 1/2 inches long and his head measures 38 cm.  Grandpa calls him "stretch"  xo

The most powerful way to provide for your future is to be happy and satisfied with where you are now.  marianne williamson