Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I tried

As I was leaving my beloved Brookhaven grocery store, I happened to notice this license plate and was blown away.  How often do we pursue a passion, attempt to conquer a challenge, achieve a goal?  Everyday brings a new chance to improve ourselves, whether it be our attitude, our health, our financial situation, our relationships.  If we dig deep and give it our best effort, the least we could say is I tried.
We may not always get the results we want, but knowing in our heart we gave it a shot, we must be confident that something eventually will turn out as we hoped it would.
Then again, sometimes things turn out the way we least expected.  For instance, this is a volunteer cherry tomato plant.  That is to say she grew from last year's leftover seed that blew away from another plant.  She loves her spot and is bearing lots of fruit.  She tried.
And this gorgeous sunflower that Steve planted didn't have a good chance after the dogs kept rummaging through the gardens, but she was determined to make her way into our little world and bring us a little sunshine and smiles so we can enjoy her beauty.  She tried.
Steve is determined to grow dreadlocks and faithfully manages his hair so it will grow on its own accordingly.  So far, so good; but as in all things, it takes time and patience, and one day he will get there.  Same with his career path.  He is trying everyday to be his best in the multimedia arena by working with the professionals and continuing his education and one day when he becomes a film director and reflects on his determination, he will realize he tried and succeeded.  The same goes for his brothers who continue to accomplish their own goals.  Danny begins his last semester at Depaul and in a few short months will obtain his bachelor's degree.  He will be able to say he tried and succeeded.  Mike is continuing his new role as father and provider for his new family.  Lately he tried to supplement his income by buying and selling his beloved cars for profit and is succeeding in a big way.  No matter how long or how hard an attempt may seem, keep on carrying on. 

the difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!  xo