Monday, August 8, 2011

happy birthday uncle bill

Today we celebrate your 75th birthday!  Despite the immense struggles you had to endure to get here, you continue to amaze us all with your tenacity and perseverence.  For awhile, we thought we might lose you to the side effects of the brutal chemotherapy you received to conquer leukemia, but as you told your bride of 50 years ~ "you know me better than to give up."  You continue to inspire us all with your wisdom and unwavering will to keep going strong everyday.  Thanks for being such a wonderful part of our lives and we wish you many, many more happy and healthy years. 
Next week you and Aunt Diane will have the honor only a select few on this earth experience.  On August 19 you will celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary.  In my lifetime, I have only known Wayne's grandparents and my own parents to have this distinct honor.  It takes a lot of compromise and endurance to keep a marriage as strong as yours and I aspire to be like you everyday.  Thanks for paving the way and showing us how it's done!  We love you both and share warm wishes for many, many more years of joy and happiness. 

God bless you.  xo

Surprise! Check out the scrumptious treats made by their daughter Cindy and granddaughters Megan and Brittany ~ 80 raspberry coconut and chocolate mint cupcakes ~ sugar goddesses!
Gathering at American Lutheran Church ~ Pastor Tom blessed the happy couple.
Relaxing at their happy place.  :)