Wednesday, August 10, 2011

38 years ago today...

On a balmy night in 1973, we gathered at Ken Szeredy's house with all our parking lot cronies to hang out and listen to great music and many other things that teens do when they rendezvous on a Friday night.  My buddy, Cindy, and I were on the front steps when this gorgeous hunk walks up to us, strutting a Florida tan in his white tee shirt and burgundy jeans.  We both started drooling and followed him into the house.  He was our friend and we shared many talks about music, school and life in general, but mostly platonic stuff.  After mingling with our friends I wandered into the front room where he was chillin' listening to Statesboro Blues by the Allman Bros. and the rest is history.  The friendship took on a deeper form.

I had an early curfew back in the day so he offered to drive me home, even though I lived a block away.  Our chemistry was off the charts and all it took was a little nudge from Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On and that sealed our fate.  Prior to this encounter, we were good friends for a couple of years, but something magical happened that fateful night and sparks were flying everywhere!    As we were just mere pups at the time, we courted for seven years before we tied the knot officially in 1980, but those seven years taught us how to work out all the kinks in a relationship, so I always count the day we began as our true anniversary.   From the Beginning by Emerson, Lake and Palmer was written for us.
We spent many quality nights in the love nest built by Bombhead, listening to scores of albums, sharing secrets and eventually planning our future together.  He is a music man and I loved listening to the nights he would serenade me on his guitar.  My Dad helped me get this as my present to him that long ago and he still has it.  Actually, I think Mike has it, but it's nearby. It's a keeper.  I still have quite a few of the albums and continue to play them, just to get the feel of those good old days.  Stormy Monday (again by Allman Bros.) inspired our mutual profession of being in love.
We went to both my junior and senior proms and together we experienced my first vacation far away as we drove to Miami, Florida ~ straight through!  What a journey...and treasured memories.  These were the early days and we have a plethora of tales we occasionally dredge up, but mostly we live in the now and take each day at a time, basking in the moments that take our breath away.  Yes, my sweet sons, we were young once upon a time.  Faded photos trigger waves of past experiences and they are fun to revisit, but I like where we are today.  Both of us know all it took to get us here and we have arrived at a happy place in our hearts and in our home.  No one can ever take that away from us, for they remain locked in our essence as cherished memories.  Even the rough times provide pride and strength in overcoming any obstacle that hindered our path.   
These are just a few beginning moments and our photo albums are filled to the hilt with the past, our history.  Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, our present, hence, we enjoy the day as it is.  To life and all the wonders it continues to bring us!

Thanks for being my lover, my life and my friend.  T/L/A  xo 

Dear God,

Please bless and nourish my beloved.
Surround him with Your power and grace.
Make clear the road that You would have him walk,
easy the goals You would accomplish in his life,
and soft the pillow he rests on.
Use me to provide for him an ever more wonderful life.  Amen.