Sunday, August 21, 2011

friends forever

Steve and I began our weekend journey by enduring a torrential thunderstorm and I white-knuckled the drive behind a truck until we hit 47, then it was clear skies and smooth sailing.  As we entered Wisconsin, the clouds were puffy and the air was crisp.  We delivered the 30 crave sack of sliders and some homemade pickles.  They don't have a White Castle in their neck of the woods so we are always happy to oblige. 
After being amazed at the fruits of Janet's green thumb, we said hello to the new pet piggies that will be shown at the Walworth County Fair in a few weeks and the barn offered all sorts of entertainment for us.  They have ducks and a white rabbit and Sarah creates these amazing crafts that win grand prize at the fair.  Lots of talent in that household. I always leave her house wiser than when I arrived. 
Shadow and psycho kitty manned the grounds while we toured the gardens.
My BFF Janet and her goods.  That vehicle gets her around the 80 acres of paradise.  Shadow and Scoop keep guard!  Scoop is a bagle dog and gives me the heartiest bay greeting whenever we arrive.  You could hear him for miles!  LOL. Every few months we call each other to catch up and tell her I need my Janet fix
On our way home we made our annual pit stop to Pearce's farm where we loaded the car with all sorts of organic goodies. They have the sweetest corn and blueberries, peaches, green beans, yukon potatoes, huge tomatoes, blackberry and strawberry jam, watermelon (the old fashioned long ones that we can't find anywhere around here anymore) zucchini and cantaloupe. Yummy!
The day went by so quickly and before you know it we arrived back home in one piece.  After a refreshing shower, we headed over to our neighbors, Glicerio, better known as G and Helen.  Our sons are long-time friends and we bonded over the years because of them.  They went through the same extreme renovation on their home and G's brother, Eddie, re-landscaped all their grounds so I was in awe all evening at how beautiful everything turned out.  Our grandpups Pontiac and Rocky are brothers and we share the joy of having grandsons, too. This is such a great neighborhood and we baby boomers are keeping our roots planted right here, so we may as well get our humble abodes to our liking as we prepare for our golden years.  Helen and G can focus on finalizing their wedding preparations on their Jamaican cruise and reception at Gold Class in November.  That will be a fun-filled affair!
Gerald is on the left and he did an amazing job restoring all the cabinets in their home.  Lots of talent there, too.  The food was divine and I must get the recipe for some of the delightful dishes.  They give great parties and we are grateful to be invited and share good times with the Abantes.  They have music in their blood and like to play guitars and sing, so lots in common.  And lots of golf!  Gerald's cousin won a big tournament today.  Congratulations!
If there is such a thing as soul couples, Tom and Gina are ours.  We have shared our journey together for over 30 years and our bond remains strong as gorilla glue.  While I was in Wisconsin, they popped in to visit Wayne and announced they are taking us to see Toby Keith in September and acquired VIP concert tickets.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!  Love you guys. :)

Thanks to all our friends who are like family to us.  We bask in your love and look forward to making many more memories together.  People keep posting this little thought on facebook, so I must share its validating meaning.
Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.  xo