Tuesday, August 16, 2011

rear view mirror

great aunti kiki and dillan

Sometimes we need to make an effort to connect with persons from our past and share memories and plans for our future.  When Mercury is retrograde, this planet brings a universal force that gives us the nudge to do just that.  We let our little lives carry us away and the gentle waves of nostalgia creep in and remind us to stay in touch with those we love.  My sister, Karen, a.k.a. Kiki, did just that and we embraced the day.  She held our little rainbow, our future symbol of hope and joy and basked in his love.
danny and aunt kiki

Danny got lucky because he needed someone to fix his tie and I never could accomplish that feat.  He was getting ready to bartend at Maggiano's and he provided a delightful meal and drinks for us the other day.  He is a master at his craft, no doubt.  Kiki provided the expertise needed to get it done.  Aunts are cool.  We dined on strawberries and blueberries and sipped refreshing sun tea all afternoon.
steve and aunt kiki

We reminded each other how far we have come in life. Our children keep us connected and hold so much pride for us both.  The best thing we agreed upon is how much we have to look forward even though our roles as moms are not as significant or time-consuming as they used to be.  We vowed to look forward and enjoy each day as it comes and crack the rear-view mirror that keeps us looking backward.  Forge ahead we say!  Now we can focus on our mates and bask in the joy our children and their children bring to us all.  Steve was happy to get some lovin' from his aunt.  He briefly updated her on his accomplishments and his future plans.  I just noticed, his artwork matches her blouse!
uncle steve and wayne-o

And look at dear old Uncle Steve!  He just celebrated his 94th birthday and I tell you, he is doing better than ever.  We brought him outside for some fresh air, took him for a few walks and talked about how to make pickles and soup.  He is being visited by his sister and she made some comments to him with messages to pass on to us.  We look forward to each visit and even though he may revisit the past that he knows and the history we share, we still talk about sharing moments and meals together today.
dennis ~ uncle bill ~ aunt diane ~ aunt aletha ~ wayne-o

We surprised our Aunt Diane and Uncle Bill as their church held a celebration honoring their 50th wedding anniversary.  This is not an easy thing to do as we connect every single day on facebook and I had to stay away for fear I would blow the surprise.  It worked and we had a great time with Aunt Aletha and Dennis as well.  I like being this age for we have so much in common with all age groups.  We are the sandwich generation and it has its own rewards.  All of us share a past and can revisit through the rear- view mirror, but the important thing is to live for today, enjoy our now, cherishing the memories we will revisit in the future. 
wayne-o ~ danny ~ mikey

We had a long overdue visit from our friend, Danny Gibbons.  While the boys get together at his place for jam sessions, he made time to visit us to see Dillan and connect with our boys.  Talk about long term friendships ~ we have been buddies for 40 years!  Back in the day, we would sit on Mark Sikora's porch and listen to tunes and all of us would just chill together.  Good times!  He was our best man and still is.  Love you, Dan :)

We are blessed. xo