Monday, August 22, 2011

fantasy fulfilled

Every once in awhile we experience indescribable bliss.  This photo captures it.  Steve adores elephants and when they offered rides at the Renaissance Faire he was thrilled to no end, but I think I was more than thrilled to capture the moment that took our breath away.  Seeing the joy on his face with this huge smile is priceless for any parent. 
We spent the entire day under perfect skies and were entertained by all the magical shows and characters.  This princess rode her unicorn that captured our imagination.
The famous rag lady shared the gossip in the woods and gave us a few chuckles.
Personally, I felt as if the  novels I have been reading recently came to life.  Then we came across dragons and that sealed it.  Steve had to get this Australian instrument for his buddy, Katie. 
This fool was creating quite a stir and after awhile we dashed out of the way of all the drama.  We took a break from all the browsing and enjoyed some veggie tempura. 
We sat in a tent on soft pillows while Erica had henna artwork on her hand.  Steve is growing dreadlocks and was able to get lots of tips from those who have accomplished this already.  The best tip ~ sea salt.
This is my favorite with the bottles on the trees and the wooden branches on the roof.  I could live here.
This guy was amazing as he flipped his fans while balancing on the ball during the drum circle.
Even the wee ones get in character as this goldilocks wears chainmail.  There is more children activity than ever before at the faire with numerous rides and petting zoo and sand and play areas.  As info ~ Walgreens offers discount admission tickets.  Save some money for the unique craft booths at the faire. One day I will splurge on their Windwalker boots. 
The best part is at 6:20 when the drummers gather to jam in the woods and bring life to the area.  There is something hypnotic and soul reaching about this.  Anyone who has celebrated a drum circle knows what I'm talking about.  I get teary-eyed from the emotional release and my body refuses to let me sit and watch.  I must join in the energies of all the dancers.  Steve and Erica felt it, too, and got right in the middle of everyone. 
Farewell for now all our fantasy friends.  Thanks for a wondrous day.  My heart is filled with warm fuzzies that I must share with those I love.  xo