Saturday, August 13, 2011


Baby Dillan is approaching six weeks old.  It amazes us how swiftly he is growing.  He eats on schedule every three hours and sometimes 8 full ounces.  You can tell he is nourished by his chubby cheeks and arms and legs.  He even feels heavier when we hold him.  Everyday brings another milestone and this week he is definitely following his Mama with his eyes and listens intently when his Daddy talks in a room. 
We enjoyed a splendid day with our extended family.  The godmother Kristina came by with her kids.  I made my chicken parm dinner and stuffed cabbage.   It's one of the only Polish dishes I know that is similar to Lithuanian and they devoured it.  We call it golabki but they call it balandeliai which means "little doves."  I am learning the language, too.   Having little ones around the house again made me realize I better prepare for visits more often and fill it with games and crayons.  I always have bubbles and popsicles around so they were fine. 
Onute (Ana) had her hair done and came by to visit as well.  She is doing remarkably well and looks fantastic.  We chatted all evening and enjoyed sharing our stories about raising kids and realize no matter where you are in the world, moms go through the same experiences.  Praise God for her recovery.  It truly is a miracle. 
Dillan likes all the attention and hugs and smooches.  He has his favorite spots that he will lock on to and just stare at contrasting colors.  Wayne thinks he will be an architect the way he watches angles and corners.  This week he began cooing and making cutesy sounds and let me bounce him a little.  He likes when I walk with him in the "mook" pose so he can see upside down.  When we take him for stroller walks, you can tell that is one of his favorites.  I play music and tell him who the artists are and sing lullabies and tell him how big he is.  He is loved. 
Like father, like son.  xo