Friday, April 30, 2010


For a woman, for help in working toward beauty, health and fitness

Beauty comes from within the soul, and from within the spirit.  It is a thing of the mind, as much as it is of the body itself.  If the mind and soul and spirit are set on beauty, its physical manifestation will follow.  The following spells create a template of beauty for the mind and spirit.  A special glamour will result, reshaping the physical appearance as well as creating a radiance which will make the subject more beautiful to the eyes of the beholders. 
If you wish to use accessories for this spell, you may use white candles, flowers, crystals and gemstones, and cloth to emphasize the purification and perfection of body which you will strive for.  Gold or silver artifacts could also be used for charisma and radiance.  Gold represents the radiance of the Sun, silver the Moon; which one you choose depends on which heavenly body you have a greater affinity for.  If you want your health and fitness program to emphasize the exercise part, you may use red accessories, as red stands for energy and activity.  Incense, perfumes or scented potpouris are also appropriate, as they suggest pride in physical beauty and sensuousness.
You may also want to include in the arrangement of accessories, images of the ideal you would like to achieve, in photos of yourself at a lighter weight if you are trying to lose weight gained, a simple list of goals to achieve and so on.  Set up mirrors around the edges of your layout so that they will reflect multiple images of the ideal images you have chosen.

The ritual for this spell can be performed at any time.  You may want to perform it at special times - perhaps before beginning a program of diet and exercise, or before or after your daily exercise session.  To enhance this rite and put yourself in the right frame of mind, it is a good idea to take a lustral bath first.  Be sure to dress yourself in clothing that you feel is especially flattering.  Other accessories, such as jewelry or fragrance will also help set the mood.  To perform this spell, you may use the ritual provided in my original posting, improvise a ritual of your own, or just proceed by doing the meditation, visualization and affirmation.  In some of the old folklore, such as the legend of the Lorelei, hair brushing was a means by which a beautiful sorceress could raise power.  If you prefer, you could brush your hair while making the following visualizations.
Make yourself aware of your body as it is now.  Consider your general condition, your weight, and so on.  Now, visualize your most idealized image of you - how you would look in your fantasies.  Think about how you plan to change things for the better.   Visualize yourself drawing in energy with every breath you take, as well as drawing from your own inner power.  Gently run your fingertips over your face, arms and upper body.  Feel this power stimulating and energizing every cell in your body.  Consider that within you, you have the power to transform yourself.  Feel that power that is within you has built up, making you glow with a radiant inner light.  Know that others will be able to see this light and will find you compellingly beautiful.  Finally, visualize yourself as you will look after you have achieved your ideal.  Visualize yourself enjoying well-being, health, popularity and success as the result.  Know that even while you visualize these things, these transformations are taking place.  After you have finished meditating and visualizing, recite the following affirmation with as much feeling as you can:

I call upon the strength within me!
I call upon the powers around me!
Beauty is in me.
Beauty is with me.
Beauty shines through me.
I commit myself
to molding and shaping myself
to achieve my ideal of beauty!
I visualize my ideal image of beauty,
and this image is a template,
which my physical form now follows.
I work hard to achive this goal!
I enjoy full health.
I radiate charm.
I am seen by all to be beautiful.
Toward this end, I am prepared to_________
(here insert whatever it is you need to do: diet, exercise, etc.)
So it is and so shall it be!

You may consider the spell closed at this point.  As a follow-up, memorize the first five lines of the affirmation and recite them upon getting up in the morning, before exercising, and generally anytime that you feel it's important to look your best.

Release the goddess that is within you xo