Friday, April 16, 2010

white tulip

Last night's episode of Fringe really moved me.  This show is about endless impossibilities and offers our imagination countless occurrences within the realm of physics.  Walter is the genius (bit of a mad scientist) with a humorous flair and he works together with his son, Peter, and the FBI agent, Olivia,  to solve cases behind the realm of reasonable explanations.  The storyline was about time travel and if you follow this show, Walter has a secret about his son that is causing him extreme angst.  As a scientist, he did not believe in God until something happened to his son and wants forgiveness for this.  He made a pact with God that if he could possibly be forgiven by God, and his son, he would be given a sign of a white tulip.  We all know that tulips only bloom for a short while during the spring, so he feels his chances are very slim.  The sign he coveted was delivered to Walter.  Endless possibilities.
We have new visitors for the last three days now.  They hover in front all day long.  Today I am preparing my chili and pizza for the boys and tomorrow we'll deliver them to my dad and brother.  They want to see The Blind Side so I'll bring this and a few other books and movies for their entertainment.  My garden is tilled and ready to rumble.  All the bothersome weeds and twigs are removed and everyday we search for signs of seeds planted beforehand. 
I couldn't contain myself, yet again, and bought a few more flowers. This is my very favorite thing to do.  If feels so lovely just browsing the isles of nurseries getting ideas for colors and planting arrangements.  This year I am going with lots of yellow and purple. I am also planting herbs and lettuce from seeds and put them in the tiny containers for now.  Until then, I am enjoying my array of tulips that just bloomed. They make me so happy.  Tomorrow I'll assess my dad's yard and clear things out so he can see what graces his garden.  Mom planted many beautiful perrennials so it should not be that difficult, just a little clean up will do for now. 
April showers bring May flowers.  xo