Thursday, April 29, 2010

magic spells

There are many definitions of what magic is and how it works.  That which we call magic can be divided into two categories: high magic which is worked to bring about spiritual and metaphysical transformations within the individual, and the more familiar sort of magic which is used to achieve certain desires and goals.  There are many spells for working toward personal betterment and rich symbolism which will have an uplifting effect. Magic is using the power of the mind to nudge probabilities.  By influencing probabilities, you can encourage circumstances to develop in your favor.  There are numerous factors which influence probabilities for the directions which our lives, as well as circumstances in general, can take.  Among the things which can influence the shaping of events are conscious and unconscious thoughts.  Some believe in the existence of an ethereal plane of thought where ideas can take on a type of reality which serves as a template for actions and occurences on the physical plan (real world).  It is also believed that our unconscious minds can communicate directly to the unconscious minds of other persons, thus influencing their thoughts and actions.  A skilled magic user is sensitive to the natural flow of events and the forces which affect circumstances, and is thus able to determine how to most easily influence these events by utilizing the best possiblities for changing them.  Thoughts have vibrations, and so your mental state influences the energy field around you.  If you use negative, harmful spells, you are necessarily projecting negative emotions.  These emotions will cling to you and act in a magnetic way to attract  bad luck.  The opposite principle works when you use spells to do good.  Please do not confuse this posting with promoting the dark, black magic.  White magic is only about positive, affirming, loving energies.  Practitioners will confirm that if you have ill intentions for another, karma dictates that will come back to you tenfold.  Bless all to their higher good and hold everyone in light with love.  Offer, give and you will receive.
Some spells ask you to perform certain actions.  For example, you may write things on paper, inscribe names on candles, pour water in and out of goblets, bury or hide things at the four corners of your property, or seal things in jars.  None of the actions will be difficult or preposterous.  Each spell has a meditation/visualization that is done; most are built around your personal situation.  Concentrate on visualizing images or sensing feelings, as if the events detailed were unfolding in front of you.  This is affirmation.  Each spell provides affirmations which are highly positive and phrased in the present tense.  Typical affirmations read I have...I will have... I am...because one of the secrets of magic is that if you say a thing is true, it is true.  Many of these affirmations can be used to enhance daily positive thinking, even when you aren't performing spells.  You can light incense and candles to enhance the ritual.  Magic works best when it is entirely given over to the unconscious mind and the spiritual powers.  Arrange some time to be alone and undisturbed.  Play calm, serene and meditative music.  Take a relaxing bath, imagining strongly that you are cleansing not only your body, but your soul and spirit as well.  Dress in costume, or wear jewelry that has a particularly magical feel for you. When all is in readiness, pause for a silent meditation, placing your mind in a serene, receptive state.  Hold this quiet, contemplative state for as long as seems appropriate.  Light the candles and incense.  Hold your hands in front of you in an attitude of invocation or blessing and say in these or similar words:

I call now upon the Earth,
Far plains and lofty mountains,
For power and strength to my spell,
As I light this candle in summoning.

I call now upon the waters,
Broad lakes, ever-moving streams,
And the boundless oceans,
For power and strength to my spell,
As I light this candle in summoning.

I call now upon the skies,
The far reaches of infinite spaces,
And the far Wheel of Eternity,
For power and strength to my spell,
As I light this candle in summoning.

I call now upon the deep fires
That burn in the core of the Earth,
At one with the energies of Life itself,
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle in summoning.

Pause for the length of five heartbeats, then say the following:

I place my petition before you,
Oh Earth, giver of all ife,
And Sky, thou who art infinite and eternal. 
May you lend strength and power to this, my spell.
So shall it be!

Remain in your space for at least 25 heartbeats, contemplating and visualizing your spell as being accomplished.  Put out all the candles. Then kiss your hand in salute to the Powers, and depart.
Saturday will be a full moon which offers enhanced energies from the universe.  This is when I perform my affirmations.  There is nothing negative about this ritualistic offering.  It is merely a form of prayer to the universe for strength and a request for gentle nudges.  Actually, it is a perfect opportunity for us to help heal ourselves and become aware of how to improve.  Our thoughts create our reality.  I have numerous affirmations, or spells, for various life situations which I will share in increments.  Spells are similar to meditation exercises and although these have unique traits, the fundamental goals can be seen as very similar.  The concepts of harmony and tranquility are key to the spiritual goals in many different religions  The idea of enlightenment, oneness with the world, is generally a Zen Buddhist idea, but is not at all dissimilar to upper level spells.

So it is, and so it shall be!

my thanks to Janina Renee for your book of creative and enjoyable rites xo