Tuesday, April 6, 2010

thanks be

Some days go by slowly with nothing significant happening, just living in the now.  Others bring staggering, oftentimes shattering dilemmas.  And some days are just so enjoyable, they make me take pause at how wonderful life truly is. It is on these days I make time to give thanks. 
I am so happy the spring bouquets are blooming and the birds are chirping so cheerily.  There were a few days where things were just plain glitchy;  everything had a snag in it, things just did not flow.  Today everything went smoothly.  It is just a day filled with little moments of joy as if the universe wants to remind me that things do work out if you have hope in your heart and believe. 
I love when it storms with lightening and thunder, then the next day everything is crisp and clean and the sun shines so brightly.  We just celebrated the Easter season and that is pretty much how it is.  Lent brings Easter.  Today I am grateful Steve's teacher will let him continue speech class.  He missed an integral presentation while on our trip but thanks to intervention by his dad and brother, he will be able to make it up and continue enjoying same with Mike.  I heard from a dear friend of mine that I haven't seen in awhile and frankly, was quite worried about.  All is well and that peace of mind makes my heart sing.  The White Sox started the season off with a bang: 6 -0 and Buehrle pitched perfectly.
Today I am making bean soup with the ham bone leftover from our Easter feast.  I use au jus, fava, lentil and chick pea beans, bok choy, celery, onion and roasted red peppers.  The aroma is comforting as the soup simmers in my crock pot.   All the while, I am giving thanks for the simple things in life.  When you add them all up, the glitchy days are insignificant.   Tomorrow we will make our final house payment and after 25 years, own if free and clear.  Thanks be to God! 

Have a happy day. xo