Saturday, April 3, 2010

holy saturday

Today we fill our baskets with items we wish to have blessed.  These include our colored eggs, holy bread, salt and pepper, oil, wine, lamb butter, polish sausage, horseradish, ham and anything else we will eat during our Easter feast.  I remember telling our boys they must eat everything on their plate because it was blessed, and they did!  My spiral ham is merinating in pineapples, carrot cake is complete, polish sausage, kraut and kluski dish is ready (thanks to Lady Di for sharing mom's recipe.) Easter lillies grace our tables and their fragrance is divine.  The champagne is chilling for our mimosas and all that is left is to hide the colored eggs so the boys can find them.  If you believe in the Easter bunny, he will always come around. We are all kids at heart. Gotta believe!

Our sacrifices and methods of improvement have come to an end.  Lent is over and we can rejoice in our renewed faith in God and ourselves.  Enjoy the celebration. xo