Saturday, April 10, 2010

broken wings

Being an eternal optimist, I look for the beauty in all God's creatures and will give someone the benefit of the doubt, until an ugly truth surfaces and gives way to sad realities.  Some things cannot be ignored or swept under the rug.  Recently, the media has been exposing the abuse of innocent children in huge waves.   Last night 20/20 shared their findings of swim coaches taking advantage of the young girls pursuing their dreams to be great swimmers.  They trusted these adults to guide them on a clear path to achieve success.  Instead, they were lured to become victims of a crisis level crime in our world today.  The Pope is under scrutiny for being silent about the liberties taken by his priests.  Children are being sold by their parents to become sex slaves to all types of groups; lately, fishing boat expeditions offer their services.  Young Haitians are being sold to be slaves to wealthy homeowners.  Young girls from the States are offered opportunities to become successful actresses in Hong Kong, only to be used as escorts for businessmen.  Hollywood is loaded with children who were abused and eventually meet their death due to drug overdose.  In Illinois, there are thousands of rape kits just collecting dust because this crime doesn't carry enough weight to be resolved.  What message does this send to the victims?  How does this happen?  The majority of the victims remain silent most of their lives, enabling their abusers to continue this crime.  Silence is the best reinforcer for any abuser.  Oprah acknowledged that one in three women in any given room has been a victim to abuse, typically emotional abuse.  There are no visible bruises or scars and those being hurt are too ashamed to expose their abusers, so the cycle continues.  We find ways to cope, unhealthily, in a society that lets this continue and grow to crisis level.  They have the broken wings
I encourage everyone to be aware and watch those you love a little more closely.  The crime is happening too often to our beautiful children.  Please don't be afraid to blow the whistle if you suspect something.  If a child tells you, believe them.  If you are a child, tell a friend, a teacher, a family member, a counselor and keep telling people until someone comes to your rescue.  The hardest part is being rejected by the person you hope would save you.  Don't give up, there are a lot of loving and caring people who will believe.  Sure, when exposed, your life will crumble and never be as it once was, especially if a family member is involved, or you cannot continue a sport, but the long term repercussion is far worse than the immediate hardship. Get help, physically and emotionally, from a professional, so you can live life to its fullest without the heavy weight of the ordeal. Once you share this with another, you will be surprised to learn how many others are enduring the same pain.   No one deserves to be hurt by an adult, ever. Never take the blame. Those of us with broken wings deserve to fly without limitations and sometimes a little nudge from a caring person willing to do the right thing can bring us back to a beautiful world. Silence is not always golden.  xo

And with a broken wing, she still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
With a broken wing, she carries her dream
Man, you ought to see her fly.

Martina McBride