Tuesday, October 13, 2009

to life!

Our basset hound delivered 10 puppies four years ago and we kept the firstborn. Thumper was such a naturally great mom and knew exactly what to do, even though she was only 18 months herself. She bred with a beagle (Freckles) and they had bagels. We delivered the pups on March 3, the due date, from 6:30 pm until 4:30 am with assistance from our dearest friends, the Block family. Poor mama was exhausted but she still had a couple more to deliver and Gina knew something was wrong so they rushed her to the emergency vet and removed the stillborn and just as they were going to perform an operation to remove the last one, the little legs came out and Angel was delivered. I hold that night as one of the precious memories forever. The whole experience of her pregnancy, delivery and raising the pups for 2 months was amazing. We named them Pontiac, Gifka (Polish for girl), Rocky, Moo Moo, Hercules, Casanova, Apollo, Jenna and Angel. Thumper was so good about feeding them and they were hungry mongrels. We let them play outside where she instinctively schooled them. When it was time to give them good homes, I cried like a baby but was so happy they would be loved. To this day we keep in touch with their owners and receive pictures each Christmas.
This picture reminds me of a bundle of joy. It tickles my soul. The planets that have been sparring the last month have kissed and made up. Jupiter, planet of gifts and luck, is finally direct and life is good. Expect some happy times and great happenings. Take a deep breath and let the universe fill you with its goodness. Affirm your most important aspirations. Believe. xo