Wednesday, October 7, 2009

being grounded

Back in the day if we were grounded it meant we were being punished and our freedom/independence was taken away for a bit. It was considered a long time out, and we were to remain rooted to our home base until a lesson was learned. I remember when my middle son was 16 and wanted to do something I did not approve of. I told him he would be grounded if he made that choice and he smirked and commented he was "too old to be grounded." So I took his car keys away. That worked. To practice being grounded in the spiritual sense means to help heal yourself by giving you a conscious connection with physical healing. With grounding, you can be aware of yourself as spirit and of your physical body and your connection with creation. As spirit, you use grounding to connect yourself through your body to the earth. Grounding is an energy cord that you create mentally running from your first or root chakra at the base of the spine to the center of the earth. The first chakra contains your information on how to relate to planet earth. Grounding is very important in healing as you must be in control of the physical reality in order to change things in it. To experience grounding, sit comfortably, feet planted solidly on the floor...spine erect. Visualize an energy flow from the base of the spine to the center of the earth. Let the energy flow through all physical matter - the chair, the floor, the earth, until it reaches the center of the planet. Securely attach the grounding cord to your first chakra and to the center of the earth. Relax and experience your grounding cord. You have created a spiritual connection with the earth. Breath deeply and let your body relax and enjoy the sensations of being grounded. Be aware of your grounding cord as it goes from the first chakra to the center of the earth. Experience the feeling of safety it gives your body. Allow your body time to adjust to being grounded by you. Practicing grounding will enable you to be more grounded. Everything is energy, healing is work with energy. Healing is letting go of non-beneficial energy to allow the flow of beneficial energy. You can release any energy down your grounding cord to the energy recycling center in the center of the earth. Be aware of one discomfort in your body and let this discomfort flow down your grounding cord to the center of the earth. Maintain your grounding and get in touch with another discomfort you would like to release and let it go down your grounding cord. Continue grounding and releasing any discomfort down the grounding cord. You are healing yourself this way. You can release pain, fear, hate or any other negative energy down your grounding cord. This allows space in your energy system for love, joy and peace. Practice daily and you will develop a pattern for healing yourself. Grounding is the foundation for healing.
A technique which addresses the most important point to heal all disease - the naval - is called heso chiryo-ho. The naval is considered to be the center of the body and is our connection to Divine Conception and the blueprint of perfection. This is an original technique from Usui, Japanese founder of Reiki. Sit comfortably. Place one hand with the middle finger inserted in the naval until you feel the pulse and other on the back opposite the naval. Sense the pulse aligning with the Divine Universal flow. Hold this position until you feel relaxed and balanced for 5-10 minutes. Another technique is gassho (two hands coming together.) Sit down with closed eyes and place together in front of your chest. Focus your entire attention at the point where the two middle fingers (fire fingers) meet. Try to forget everything else. If it becomes uncomfortable, let your hands slowly sink down to your lap into a comfortable position. Dr. Usui suggests using this meditation 20-30 minutes morning and/or evening.
When I danced with the Stormdance troupe, I was fortunate to learn the flamenco which is a wonderfully passionate dance that is choreographed for women over 30 as it demands attention from the naval to the earth. Our hands were in the air alot but all the dancing was rooted down and our feet demanded attention. Notice ballerinas only dance until they are around 30 as they practically dance in the air, using their upper torso. When I am adamet about something, I stomp my foot down. My message is I am rooted and nothing will change my mind. That is it. I mean it. An expression that reminds me of grounding is take your memories and leave your footprints. Happy grounding. xo