Saturday, October 24, 2009

the art of doing nothin'

Today I vow to make no plans, wake up and make a cup of coffee and enhance it with cinnamon sugar and whipped cream instead of plain old naked. I will turn on the fireplace and keep it on all day long while burning candles in the other rooms for a gentle reminder to dare to be still today. Then we mosey down to the grocery store to get a few ingredients for homemade chicken soup. While trying to decide which chicken meat to get a gentleman browsing the meats pointed out the best pieces to settle our dilemma. Moving over to the pork section for pulled pork he seemed to know his stuff so we asked him if the tenderloin is right and he vehemently notified us to get the pork butt. Ok. We continue on our shopping spree and the kind man is after us indicating we took the wrong cart and lo and behold we had his cart instead of ours. How embarassing, but he was very cool about it. This is our excitement for the day so far and in between giggles we head over to indulge in some Indian food recommended by friends of ours. We went to Saffron in Westmont for the luncheon buffet and were not disappointed. I was determined to try each and everything to experience this new (to me) food and loved each and every item. My pallate was so satisfied but my belly could not contain as much as I wanted so it will take another visit to truly enjoy the pleasures of this dining experience. The owner came up to us a few times to get our opinion and offer suggestions on which items to sample in a certain order. He was quite hospitable and was genuinely interested in our patronism. That was a nice touch in these busy days. Perhaps he saw the laid back attitude we brought to the place. We continued our lazy day by taking naps on the sofa with the slug dogs who kept our feet warm and woke to the sun shining. One by one our sons visited just to check in and say hi. I like that a lot. We will see what is left on the dvr and watch our many shows to "catch up and clean up" and possibly rent a movie for tonight. Should it be scary? I have wanted to see Paranormal Activity all week and Steve and I almost went Thursday night but that was the real rainy day and after driving around running errands by 6:30 I just wanted to stay home. Rotten Tomatoes gave high ratings for House of the Devil so that might do the trick. Wayne likes drama or comedies, though, so we'll see what we see. I almost feel like just reading the trailors and blogs about Mad Men since I am such a maddict. I already caught up on my email the other day since I was very behind in reading same. I like a clean emailbox, clean dvr and clean cell phone. I like this day of not making plans, not doing chores and just letting the time pass. Spit and catch. xo