Thursday, October 15, 2009

anecdote for gloomy days

1. Take a warm, scented bubble bath

2. Shampoo and deep condition hair

3. Lather entire body with moisturizing creme

4. Drink flavored coffee (today is hazelnut)

5. Mini work out - just enough to get things circulated

6. Smell the aroma of chicken with potatoes au gratin baking in the oven

7. Listen to music - set to ipod shuffle to be surprised at what plays

8. Light candles in every room to lift spirits

9. Give hands and feet paraffin wax dip (mint scented)

10. Get a well deserved manicure and pedicure - pick a new OP color - (big red wagon)

11. Receive a Swedish relaxation massage

12. Put on the gas fireplace and keep it on all day long

13. Snuggle with the pups on the sofa

14. Finish reading (your magazine, book, newspaper, facebook, blogs)

15. Pray the rosary

16. Meditate/clear chakras

17. Smile and cherish the feeling of being the goddess/god that you are born to be xo