Monday, October 5, 2009

seventh chakra (crown, wisdom, thousand petaled lotus)

At last we have reached the highest chakra which is depicted by a fully open lotus, the flower in fullest bloom symbolizing being totally open to the Light. You have lost all individual identity and now you merge with All That Is. You become fully realized. The seventh chakra is located at the crown of the head. If you palpate this area you will feel an indentation where the skull came together when you were an infant. This is the thousand mile point and when acupressed, it opens all the energy throughout your chakras. I begin all my sessions with this point so my massage is received more thoroughly and effectively. The colors associated are violet and gold ; these are colors of royalty. The antidote is yellow. The tone is ee (as in bee) and the note is high b. The element is cosmic energy and the sense is "seventh sense". The statement is "I want to be lazy." (the seventh day is the day of rest.) When a person enters the seventh chakra, there is a death. The person you were dies. Every layer of ego attachment falls away and you die to your old self. The Vajrayana Buddhist chant captures the mood perfectly: Gone, gone, gone beyond - Gone utterly beyond - Whoopee! At the fifth chakra you may long to leave your mark for prosperity; at the sixth there is no more longing as it is enough simply to help by being a living example. At the seventh chakra even the desire to help falls away though it may emerge again unpredictably. Your behavior may be considered antisocial but you are totally moral according to your own ethics. Consider Howard Hughes or those who have overachieved, over donated, and have come to a different reality than most humans although the seventh chakra is so much more. Your spirituality is omnipresent and you live constantly in the Light. This is the point where the silver cord detaches from the body at the time of death. The silver cord is the fine line that allows us to astral travel and then return to the body. Bodies come and go but life is eternal. This is a highly evolved state and most do not achieve same until death, when the silver cord is severed. As we entered the age of Aquarius at the millennium, we could not help but look for another avenue of fulfillment. Baby boomers have accomplished many goals, raised families, and still feel empty. The soul needs nourishing and we are destined to search for a higher meaning to our life. I am aware many boomers are asking themselves "what's it all about" and their spirit is searching for answers in the metaphysical. Most multimillionaires reach a point in their lives that they have accomplished all they want and at some point decide to find joy in charity and become philanthropic. Many people realize the joy of living simply and know how easy it is to help others and feel fulfilled. The universe is helping us realize this every day; perhaps the economic woes are really answers in disguise, forcing us to seek alternate ways of living and to accept simple abundance. Balanced energy in the seventh chakra is being open to the Divine, miracle worker, can transcend the laws of nature, total access to the unconscious and the subconscious, ability to remain alert during and after death, almost immortal. Excessive energy is haveing a constant sense of frustration, unrealized power, psychotic, depressed, manic-depressive, frequent migraine headaches, destructive. Deficient energy is catatonic, no spark of joy and cannot make decisions. The glands and organs influenced are the pituitary, pineal, nervous system and brain. Illnesses and ailments to be treated with violet are depression, migraine headaches, parasites, black eyes, baldness and dandruff. Violet is excellent for artists and high-strung, nervous people who need grounding but find red too harsh. Stones used are amethyst (my favorite and birth stone). It is the gentlest of stones and a powerful protector. I always have this stone in my healing room as it has the power to allow in only those energies that are harmonious to you and to deflect and transmute all negativity. It is the ideal stone to place on your altar and is always protective. Use amethyst while you meditate, to calm and center your energies and over your third eye to facilitate visualization and past life recall. This stone helps to sleep. Clear quartz crystals are beneficial for the seventh chakra as they capture the energy of the white light and are one of the most effective stones to use at the crown. These stones absorb a lot of energy so it is important to cleanse them. I like to soak them in Epsom's salt water and bring them outdoors when there is a full moon, as it is now, so their energies can be reinvigorated. You can bury the crystal for a few days as well. I thank you for allowing me to share the knowledge of the chakras. My main source of reference has been Color and Crystals, a Journey through the Chakras by Joy Gardner-Gordon. I am grateful to have this book in my life. When all the colors of the spectrum are in alignment we have our rainbow and when the colors blend together, they form a white light, filled with God's healing love. Meditate on receiving this white light at the crown chakra and know His love fills you like warm honey melting all the way down to your toes. Embrace His love. Feel the warmth. Love yourself and those who need it the most. xo