Thursday, October 8, 2009

being centered

In the center of your head you can abide as spirit and be neutral. Neutrality is essential for healing. You have to be neutral and non-judgmental for your healing to be able to let go of the problem and bring in the beneficial energy. The center of your head is the best place to be in the present time and be grounded. It is where you...THE BEING... needs to be to do your healing work. Remain seated with your hands and feet separated and your eyes closed. Be grounded by creating your grounding cord from your root chakra to the center of the earth. Focus your attention to the center of your head behind your eyes and up a little. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and allow it to adjust to your energetic presence. You have much more energy than your body, so it needs time to adjust to you. Your grounding allows your body to be in it and to help you be certain about being in the center of your head. Move your attention from the center of your head to above your head and experience being here. Move back to the center of your head and take a deep breath. The more you practice being in the center of your head, the more you will be there. Be in the center of your head and be grounded. Notice how your body feels as you focus your attention here. Listen to your body sounds to help you be in the present with this ability to be neutral. Be neutral as you listen to your breathing and your heart beat. Allow the state of awareness that comes from your being in the center of your head. By focusing your state of attention to the center of the head, you will experience yourself as spirit and your body will experience you. When you are healing yourself or others, be in the center of your head and you will have a spiritual perspective of your healing. Your neutral...spiritual perspective will allow you to see without judgment and help you change without effort.
A breathing method for cleansing the spirit is to strengthen your energy, collect energy in your tanden and learn to let the energy flow through your hands. This is how we become clear channels of Reiki - the energy flows into us from the cosmos and back again to the cosmos. Breath in through your nose and imagine drawing Reiki energy into your body through the crown chakra. Draw the energy down to your tanden. When the breath has reached your tanden, keep it there for a few seconds without straining and imagine it to be permeating your whole body. Breath out through your mouth and imagine the energy flowing out your finger tips, hands, tips of your toes and feet. In Tai Chi and Qigong, the following is recommended for similar breathing: keep the tongue on the roof of your mouth, touching your front teeth while inhaling and then let it come down and rest on the bottom of the mouth when exhaling. An exercise to find tanden: Stand with both feet parallel to each other, the legs shoulder width apart. The tips of the feet point straight ahead. Bend the knees a bit until you feel the central point beneath the naval and tanden. Hold this position and breath. Inhale and exhale deeply and feel the breath and energy flow through you as you do this.
Many songs tell us to just breathe, take a breath, breathe in, breathe out. If I am distracted or upset and wish to become centered I concentrate on each breath. It is difficult to have other thoughts when focusing solely on breathing. This is a great way to initiate meditation, when the mind is clear and void of nonsense. Another great expression that women do especially well is a sigh. This releases emotion in just a tiny manner. Sigh-a-nara. xo